The Sexiest Summer Heel

Summertime is such an amazing time to show off your gorgeous shoes. Events like pool parties, beach outings and family cookouts can be the perfect place to show everyone how stylish you are with the perfect pair of shoes.

There are truly limited shoes that compete to win my heart for the ultimate summer heel. However, out of the few that catch my attention as reigning champ, one is superior to all others.

What shoe is that? Well, the Steve Madden Fringly Fringe Sandal is top of the list today.

Steve Madden Fringly Fringe Sandal

The Steve Madden Fringly Fringe Sandal is absolutely exquisite. These roman style sandals have won the hearts of women everywhere.

Amazingly so, I believe they will continue to grab up hearts for years to come. These heels will never waiver from being in style.

These shoes come in many colors, but who can deny the taupe suede. This sand toned tan rivals even natural summer beach colors, and as a close second, the chestnut suede.

Both of these colors scream the word summer to all who are lucky enough to lay eyes on them. I guarantee compliments, and questions of where others can purchase your shoes.

There is truly something about the fringe that makes you want to lay on a beach all day, and slowly sip a mojito or daiquiri.

These heels are so affordable. You can purchase the taupe suede for $19.95 (at time of this publication). They also offer an open toe to show off your painted toenails, a suede caged construction, a back zip closure to ensure they stay in place, tiered fringe trim, a covered heel, and the heel is approximately 4.5 inches, allowing you to show off those long, tan summer legs.

Shoespie Buckle Peep Toe Stiletto Heel Fringe Sandals

Ladies, this summer is all about that fringe. The Shoespie Stylish Buckle Peep Toe Stiletto Heel Fringe Sandal is a high heeled sandal, and only cost (at time of publication) $48.49! These heels come in black or grey, making them the perfect summer evening shoe.

These heels can keep the summer sunshine look rocking way into the evening. This peep-toe sandal is made of rubber, and it is great for casual get-togethers.

This heel also offers an eccentric strap in the back instead of a zipper, allowing a more open environment for your feet on those hot summer evenings.

TOMS Classic Wedge Sandal

Who doesn’t love TOMS? They are comfortable, affordable and stylish. These TOMS Classic Wedge Sandals are probably a top choice for anyone who wants comfort and a little height.

These shoes give us that classic look of the TOMS tennis shoe, paired with a nice heeled take on them.

These heels are a gorgeous medium blue, and they have a sticker price of around $40.00. The medium blue mimics a denim color, making them perfect to pair with jeans or cut off shorts.

These shoes offer an open toe, padded footbed for comfort, slip on capabilities, and a corked wedged heel. The best part of this shoe is that it has a gripped sole.

This gripped sole allows you to feel confident that you can stroll around without slipping, falling or sinking too far into the sand at the beach.

This shoe has a 3.5-inch wedged heel, and as always with TOMS, when you purchase a pair of shoes, TOMS will give a pair to a child in need.

If you are headed to the beach or you prefer comfort, these are probably your go-to summer heels.

Vince Camuto Lavette Leather Block Heel Sandal

For our last sexiest summer heel, I took a look over at the Nordstormrack clearance shoes. Finding a deal on summer heels, during the mid-summer, is quite possibly the best thing that can happen to a girl! Okay, maybe not, but it is quite exciting!

The Vince Camuto Lavette Leather Block Heel Sandal is on sale right now for $44.98. That makes this shoe 65% off!

This summer sandal is great because it has a low-block heel, making it easy to walk in the sand or otherwise unstable summer grounds. This shoe can be purchased in cashmere or beige to accentuate those great summer tones.

This shoe offers so many great things and can be paired so perfectly with just about anything. I love the cutout details of the leather, and the ankle strap with hook-and-loop strap closure.

These shoes also have a lightly padded insole, making them comfy for those summer get-togethers or outings. This Vince Camuto shoe has a 3-inch stack blocked heel, keeping you steady and grounded.

What Makes a Sexy Summer Heel?

To me, fringe is in this year. I love the style, I adore the look. However, there isn’t just one thing that is in style. To me, whatever you enjoy or want can be in style.

Ladies, if you want to wear red in the winter, and grey in the sunshine, go for it! The shoe may be gorgeous, but the confidence you radiate while wearing them is what makes us sexy.

I highly recommend any shoe that makes you feel good. If that means buying something that helps increase your confidence or purchasing the TOMS to give back to someone who may be in dire need of something such as shoes, do it.

Always do what your heart desires, and of course, pair all of these shoes with a great shade of summer toenail polish to really make them pop!

So what sexy heel would you add to this list, let me in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article then you’d be sure to like my other article “Sexy Summer Shoes”. And of course I can’t let you go without inviting you to explore our very own sexy summer shoe collection in our shop. Enjoy!

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