The Met Gala 2019

It seems like every year, the Met Gala brings the drama. Who can forget Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s confrontation at the 2018 edition? This year, the big drama was more about the theme. The industry’s biggest influencer, Anna Wintour, declared a theme of camp this year. It was interesting to see how people interpreted that.

To me, camp means something that is a little over the top, appeals to lots of people and has a slightly mid-20th Century feel. It’s a word the British use more than we do. To give you an idea of what the British public thinks of camp, look up the names Alan Carr and David Williams. For most people, camp has a slightly gay connotation.

We don’t really use this word in the US. We might say campy, or kitschy, but usually not “camp.” Now, Anna is British, and many of us Americans love a good BBC or ITV show. So it was a good bet we’d know. But based on the looks, not everyone did. Of course, people stray from the theme every year. But some of the outfits we saw in 2019 were way off the mark for me.

I did love the outfits, though. Katy Perry did a very cute costume change. She arrived as a chandelier and left as a hamburger. The burger costume, and in particular that cute lettuce dress, just made me squee. To me, that was the perfect campy costume. She even had cute sequined hamburger flats to go with it. She’s even made a version for the public. It’s less flashy, but if I were a quirky scene kid? I might consider these. Yeah, sixteen year old me would’ve thought these were hilarious.

Of course, she made a great chandelier, too. She paired that costume with sparkly silver heels. Now, look at that mule-inspired styling? Some shoe styles just truly do stand the test of time. You know from my previous columns that the mule goes back hundreds of years. It’s so cool to see it cropping up in high-fashion settings even now.

Lady Gaga wore sky-high sparkling black platform boots to the Gala this year. She also spent about 15 minutes stripping down before entering. Now, you know me. I love art. I support artists. But I believe that taking fifteen minutes to enter a party is more than a little self-indulgent. I also thought the stripping nature of her performance was in poor taste. Her own team described it as a series of costume changes, but she started fully covered and ended up in her panties.

Is this just me? I love a good sexy outfit. God knows I do! But Gaga is looked up to by all these young girls in theater clubs or singing in the choir. More than that, my son is getting to that age where he’s noticing girls. I want him to respect women, not to see us as strippers. Gaga won an Oscar this year, she could’ve done something campy yet classy. Which brings us to Ms. Monae.

For my money, Janelle Monae had one of the best looks of the evening. It was very arty, inspired by Picasso. It was cheeky but not slutty. Overall, it just brought a smile to my face. It was clever and she looked gorgeous, classy and in control. My only complaint? Her custom gown extended right to the floor. We couldn’t get a look at her shoes at all!

Cardi B was another one who wore a lot of gown. It was hard to see anything beyond the platforms poking out from under her burgundy gown. She and Nicki managed to avoid each other at the party this year. Nicki brought her A-game when it comes to sexy shoes, though. In a short bubblegum pink gown with a daring train, Nicki was showing an awful lot of leg. And her bubblegum pink shoes were accented by straps that laced up all the way to her thighs.

Nicki was part Barbie, part ballerina and all sexy, boss lady rapper. She was another person who seemed to really understand camp as a theme. She and her team had fun with it and they referenced a bunch of other pop culture moments, but they didn’t lose that unique Nicki vibe, either. She was right near the top of my list.

Not everyone really got it. There were some real misses when it came to red carpet looks, at least for my money. Jared Leto is getting a little old to be carrying duplicate heads around with him, even if Gucci sent the same thing down the runway not too long ago. I will always have a soft spot for Leto, but the boy is almost 50. He should really just grow up a bit. I guess that’s my inner Mom coming out again.

Well, readers. Now you know my take! Let me know what you think of my picks. Are there any super sexy shoes I missed out on? What was your favorite Met Gala look of 2019? How did you feel about the blinking eye on Janelle’s frock? I loved it! But my fiancé was grossed out by it, Let me know your thoughts on fashion’s biggest night in the comments below!

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