Review: Susanny High Heel Platform Knight Martin Boots

Have you ever noticed how challenging it is to find the perfect pair of ankle boots? Off the top of my head I can think of five types of ankle boots. These include flat ankle boots, low block heel boots, high block heel boots, wedge heel boot, and my favorite the chunky high heel ankle boots. In this review, we take a closer look at the sexy Susanny Women Ankle Knight Martin Boots.

These chunky high heel boots are what every woman needs in her wardrobe to look amazing during autumn. The Susanny Boots are stylish, comfortable, and are available in several colors. You will be spoiled for choice. But before we look at what these boots offer, here are some important things to consider when purchasing ankle boots.

How to pick the best women’s ankle boots

  1. Type: As mentioned earlier, there are several types of boots. Below we will explore how to wear your boots.
  2. Stiletto Heel– Boots with a pointed heel are dressier. You can pair them with your short denim dresses or floral dresses.
  3. Wedge heels- These types of boots pair perfectly with rolled up jeans or black tights. Wedge ankle booties are a great alternative to stiletto ankle boots.
  4. Chunky heel booties – This footwear blends perfectly with most outfits. Chunky high heel ankle boots are more comfortable than stiletto heels and are more stylish than low ankle boots.
  5. Low/No heel boots – These are ideal for everyday use. They are more comfortable than the above boots but are less flattering.
  6. Upper: Most ankle boots feature leather upper or suede upper. Each material has its advantages and short comings.  We like leather since it’s more stylish and durable. 
  7. Your body type: Girl, unfortunately not every type of boot out there will look good on you. Some boots will make your body look elegant and sexy while some may end up highlighting areas you would prefer to remain out of sight. Luckily, ankle boots look good on most women. They suit most body types because they create the illusion of beautiful longer legs.

With this in mind, let’s get started on the Susanny Women ankle boots.

Susanny Boots are stylish, comfortable, and are available in several colors!
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The Review

When autumn comes, it’s time to put your summer sandals and open toe shoes back in the closet and get some gorgeous closed toe boots that will see you through late autumn and winter. Choosing a closed toe boot may be tricky because not every pair will work for your body shape. You want boots that make you look sexy and not tacky.

Enter the Susanny Women Autumn Knight Martin Boots. These boots are popular among women because they suit different body types. So, whether you are short, tall, curvy, or slim, these boots got your covered.


The first feature I always examine before I make a purchase is the shoe’s comfort. A gorgeous shoe that is uncomfortable won’t do you any good. According to experts, bad footwear and back pain are connected. A shoe with bad cushioning leads to stress on your back which causes fatigue and lower back pain. The Susanny autumn ankle boots are well-padded.  The thick, full-length insole provides enough support to your heel and arch.

The Susanny is best for people with medium and low arches. If you have high arched feet, I recommend you get insoles that best suit your arch type. Another feature that makes these ankle boots stand out is the chunky heel. It measures 4.72 inches. I guess you are thinking, “That’s too high. I can’t walk in those.” See, I’ve been there and understand you. I’ve felt the pain and misery that is as a result of wobbling around in 4.75-inch stilettos.

The Susanny heels are comfy and easy to walk in. Actually, most users said they had the same line of thought when they received their shoes. But, after trying them on, 90% of the ladies loved them and kept them. One stylish lady said she can wear the Susanny ankle boots for up to 8 hours without leg or back pain. What makes the shoe comfortable is the block heel design. When you wear a stiletto heel, your weight is automatically shifted to the ball of your foot. This leads to inflammation and pain on your joints, muscles and legs.

A chunkier heel provides better stability by distributing your weight evenly. This also makes it the best ankle boot for people with balance issues. The last comfort feature worth noting is the round toe design. Of all toe designs, the round toe design is arguably the most comfortable. This design is also visually appealing and timeless.


Choosing the right boot for your body shape can be tricky. For example, over the knee boots are best suited for tall women. A short woman would look tacky in them. Ankle boots are a safe choice because they look good on all body shapes. So, whether you have a pear-shaped, hour glass, or apple-shaped body, these shoes will compliment your body type. With the Susanny ankle boots you get 2 upper material options; PU leather or suede.

The suede material is available in classic leopard colors and black boots while the PU leather material is available in black, beige, and brown. These colors pair perfectly with most colors. Another stylish feature that stands out is the sexy lace up design. You might be wondering, “Why wear boots with laces when I can wear boots without laces?” Laces are not antiquated. Shoe laces add style and stability. You get to fine tune the fit of the booties to your needs. Laces also allow you to individualize the fit of each shoe. This is good news for those of us with different sized feet.

 The Susanny chunky high heels feature two buckled ankle straps. These straps add a touch of elegance to the shoes. There is a side zipper that adds style and also makes it easy for you to slip on and off the shoes. So, if you are wondering what to wear with the Susanny chunky high heels, we have some awesome tips for you. You can wear your Susanny chunky high heel boots with a pencil skirt or short dress. If you prefer leggings, we recommend you layer short socks over the leggings. If you wish to wear skinny jeans with your booties, you can roll the jeans or cuff them for a sexy look.


These Susanny ankle boots heel measures about 4.72 inches while the platform measures 1.37 inches. We already covered the heel. Now let’s look at its platform. This platform is thick and provides your metatarsalgia, front part of your foot, the support and stability it needs. It’s thick, so you won’t feel pebbles as you walk or hurt your toes when you accidentally hit your foot.

The outsole is made of durable rubber. The rubber is waterproof and slip-resistant, allowing you to wear the shoe in all types of weather. The outsole is also wear resistant. This means you will wear this boots for a long time. The inside of these classic boots feature a soft lining that smells really great. The lining is soft and comfy. It is also breathable ensuring your feet stay cool, preventing sweat and odor.

So, are these autumn boots true to size? If you have wide feet, we recommend you pick a size larger than your normal size. If your feet are narrow, your normal size will fit perfectly.  It’s also worth noting these Susanny ankle booties come at a friendly price. Girl, you won’t break the bank to get these sexy shoes.

Final Thoughts

Susanny may not be world renowned but they have been around for years providing fashionable and affordable footwear. Their collection includes slip-ons, oxfords, loafers, sneakers, dress shoes, pumps, chuck high heels and more. Women, especially those with larger feet, prefer Susanny shoes because they can accommodate their feet perfectly and are available at a reasonable price. The Susanny Women Autumn Round Toe Lace up Ankle boots are elegant, stylish and durable.

We like that the upper is available in two different materials. You can choose between leather and suede or you can get both. The chunky heel is comfortable and more stable compared to stiletto heel. Also, the inner lining is soft and breathable, allowing you to wear the boots for hours without sweating or odors.  If you want your legs to look long, slim and sexy, these are the shoes are the perfect choice.

So what do you think? Do you own a pair of Susanny shoes? Let me know in the comments below. Also, let me know if you would like for me to review your favorite pair of shoes. If you enjoyed this review you can read more like it in our Shoe Review section or check out one of our many sexy shoe articles in our blog.

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