Stunning Sandals for Summer

Easter has come and gone. How was it in your neck of the woods? I was in glamorous Los Angeles this past Easter Sunday. The weather was not too hot, and not too cold. Everyone looked amazing. At my church, we turn out in our hats and pastel dresses. The shoes were truly something to behold, too.

I stayed fairly traditional and toned-down in this floral Kirstie from Kelly & Katie. Now, that heel is a little low for me. But it’s a good height for church and the floral print complemented my lavender dress just fine. They also showed off my shapely ankles and newly pedicured toes. These sandals were perfectly suited to standing around on my sister-in-law’s patio, too.

Now that temperatures are heating up, I am all about summer style trends. I love the new sandals for Summer 2019. There’s an exciting new naked summer sandal trend on the way. This trend is exciting because it’s so unexpected. For years, it feels like the gladiator sandal or one of its close relatives has dominated the summer season.

Now, I love a good gladiator. But they evoke a hard-edged, militaristic, old-timey feel. But I don’t always want to feel like I’m Russell Crowe, clomping around the desert in my armor seeking vengeance. The gladiator was great when it debuted. It took elements of menswear and brought them into the ladies’ side of the shop. It made us feel tough and powerful. But we’re something like 15 years deep in this trend, now. It’s time for a change!

The naked sandals that are coming out for this season are incredibly lightweight. They’re strappy, but the straps are delicate and whisper-thin. Take a look at this Doris sandal by Regina Pyo. It’s barely there! The straps remind me of the ribbons and elastic used on ballet shoes. I love that wooden, corkscrew-y heel, too. It also reminds me of a twirly balletic dance. This is a highly feminine, very dainty look.

There’s a slightly more traditional version from budget retailer Zara, too. These animal print heeled leather sandals are a like a breath of fresh air to me. They’re barely there, but what is there reminds me a little bit of the 80s. This is like something that girl in Can’t Buy Me Love would’ve worn with that fringed leather jacket. I would pair it with a nice light-wash jean and lightweight pastel top. For me, it’d have to be a blue or a lavender. Pinks and yellows just are not my friends!

The thing I love most about these sandals is how they showcase the foot. Call me crazy, but I think the foot is one of the curviest and most sensual parts of the body. A well-cared-for foot, with neatly trimmed nails and buffed soles, is a thing of beauty. And these sandals showcase that like nothing else we’ve seen in years.

Now, the daintiness of this barely there sandal trend means it’s probably not for everyone. If you’re taller, or older, and your feet have been through a pregnancy or two this shoe may not be for you. But if you and your feet are tiny? Girl, your time has come. I am a little on the large-footed side, so this is a trend I will most likely have to sit out.

For those of you like me, who have a larger foot or just prefer a sturdier look, there are options. Gucci is one company that is sticking with the chunky heel trend that’s been popular for the last couple of seasons. The Platform Sandal with Double G comes in great, bold colors. For summer, I love the glittery metallic look and of course, neutral black. These sandals read as nightwear to me, but I know some of you brave ladies will find a way to make them work during the day, too.

For a more comfortable and budget-friendly chunky heeled sandal, check out brands like Clarks. This Elisa Dedra sandal is available in great neutral colors. It’s lower to the ground, so better for walking tours. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you about the time I wore heels to the Huntington in San Marino to walk the gardens. Girl, bring your sneakers or your Birkenstocks. Some spaces are not made for heels. However, if you must wear a heel for some walking event, look for a feet-friendly brand like Clarks.

This summer, remember, it’s important to find the trend that works for you. You may love something and wish you could wear it with aplomb. But if you have big old bunions, these strappy sandals, barely there or not, are probably not for you. Stick with something that will keep you feeling confident. When you feel good about how you’re dressed, that will show on your face and in your actions. That’s really the most important thing about fashion. It’s a lot like finding your voice. So find the summer sandals that are right for your self-expression.

As always, I would love to hear what you think of my picks, and what your choices are. Let’s have a friendly chat in the comments below.

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