Sexy vs Casual Shoes: Which will you wear This Spring?


Alright, ladies — with spring just about to spring up — it’s time to put the old winter shoes away and start thinking about what to wear this season. Will it be “Pierre Silber’s” hot high heels or the more casual “Rack Room Shoes”? Here’s an idea, why not do both? Go casual by day and hot & sexy by night.

You won’t believe the vibrant colors and styles of shoes they are coming out with this spring. There’s a shoe for every occasion and every mood to fit perfectly with your style. Whether you are at work, at play, or out clubbing, you are going to love these new spring styles.

Let’s check out some of this year’s spring styles.

Rack Room Shoes

Well, it looks like shoes will be colorful this spring and Rack Room Shoes has them all, “Skechers”, “Vans”, “Adidas”, “Nikes”, and more… all in a fabulous mixture of dashing spring colors.

Skechers WOMENS DLITES – White or Blue & White

Of course, white will always be a favorite when it comes to spring and summer shoes, this is one color that will never die out. Don’t you just love these “WOMENS DLITES”? The best thing about Skechers is the way they hug your feet in comfort and this particular style also has a nice platform that will add about an inch and a half to your height.

Skechers WOMENS FLEX APPEAL – Pink or Black

Now you can look sexy while playing sports with “FLEX APPEAL”. Pink fits right in with bright spring colors. In fact, it just wouldn’t be spring without pink, but when those April showers that bring May flowers come pouring down; you might want to slip into something less colorful, like black.

Vans WOMENS WARD – Yellow or Burgundy

Nothing says casual like these “WOMENS WARDS”. These canvas shoes have a padded footbed to keep your feet comfortable all day long. Wear them at baseball games, when spending a day at the park, or while you’re just hanging around. The yellow canvas shoes are great for brighter days and when the sun goes down, you can style the burgundy.

Adidas CLOUDFOAM QT RACERS – Pale Pink or White

These are some shoes you should never go jogging without. Jog, race, or just run in comfort and style with the Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer women’s athletic shoes. Specifically designed with a midsole and Cloudfoam Memory sock-liner for superior cushioning comfort. Featuring plenty of support so you can have fun while you run. It’s like running on a cloud.

Nike WOMENS AIR MAX MOTION 2 – Pink & White

The Nike Air Max Motion 2 sneakers are designed especially for you to have comfort all day long. Featuring a U-shaped Max Air unit heel with underfoot cushioning. Everyone will want to know where you got your shoes when wearing these bright colored sneakers.

Pierre Silber Classic 5 inch High Heels with Ankle Straps

Why not wear these classic shoes at the party? Everyone will stop and stare at these 5-inch high heel shoes that come in multiple colors. The best thing about these elegant pumps is that they’re not too high nor are they too low, they are just right and with the support of the ankle strap you’ll be dancing on air.

Pierre Silber Marie Antoinette Style 4 inch High Heel Shoes

Check out these Marie Antoinette styles of radiant colored pumps with 4-inch heels that are the perfect addition to evening wear. Great shoes to wear at a dinner party, or to stop and have a few drinks at the pub after work… I said a few drinks! You — and everyone else — will love the decorative fabric design of these classy pumps made with added rhinestones, to give them shimmer and radiance.

Pierre Silber Sexy 4 inch High Heels with Real Locking Ankle Straps

You will be the hottest girl on the dance floor with these 4 inch Heels that have real locking ankle straps. Go clubbing all night long and have a blast while wearing these sexy pumps.

Pierre Sibler 3 half inch Babydoll High Heel Pumps

Look both clever and shy at the same time while wearing these pink and white Sexy Babydoll High Heel pumps with 3.5-inch heels. They also come in red with white trim and black with white trim. You can wear these to work, then head straight to a party right after without ever having to stop and change your shoes.

Pierre Sibler 7 Inch Neon Platform Sandals with Ankle Straps

If platform shoes are more your style, try these babies on for size. Platforms never looked so good! These 7-inch platform sandals with ankle straps come in 4 dazzling neon spring colors; yellow, lime green, blue, and hot pink. You will be the boss with these on!

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