Shoes for the Holiday Season

It’s December. There’s a chill in the air. There’s precipitation. This is a great time of year to cozy up with your loved ones on the couch and watch old holiday classics. In our family, that means The Great Muppet Caper, which has excellent fashion, in addition to more standard fare like Home Alone and Die Hard. Of course, even in the dead of winter, life must go on. And for leaving the house in the cold, you definitely need shoes. This is a season for snuggling, partying, gift-giving and snow.

One of my favorite getaways with my fiance is skiing. After learning in college, he’s heavy into powder, whether that’s at Mt. Tremblant or Big Bear. My son is getting into snowboarding and skiing, too. Now, for me, I’m not quite as athletic and outdoorsy. My thing is more hanging out in the lodge in something nice and warm. For example, these cute faux fur-lined slippers by Joules are one of my favorites. I love that little fashion-forward dog on the grey model. The pink and cream have cute, though different, dog friends featured on them as well.

For home, I love these Dearfoams chenille slippers. They’re warm and comfy. Best of all, the soles are sturdy enough that I can get the mail or take out the garbage if I have to. Lounging in the winter is the best. There are just so many warm, fuzzy, interesting textures to choose from. It can be the most comfortable time of the year, in many ways!

December is also a big time for parties. As a fashion writer, a lot of what I do is relationship-based. On some level, most of what I do really is all about networking and air kisses, dahling. It’s a good fit for me, because I love to play dress-up and I love to show off in some sexy party heels. One of my favorites for this holiday season is this great Non Stop strappy sandal from ASOS Design. The silver and gold mix is hard to pull off right, but this shoe balances them perfectly.

A higher-budget party shoe that I love is the Maie glitter platform by Jimmy Choo. This shoe gives the wearer plenty of height but also plenty of stability. That combo is a must when I’m on my second big glass of wine at a holiday party.

For those readers who like to inject a little color into their holiday wear, I love the Elsie and Colette pumps from J. Crew in their colorful plaids. Those tartans just give these shoes that timeless, classic look. Shoes like these are an investment piece that can be trotted out every holiday season. Each of these shoes offers a great hint of sparkle, too.

I still spend a lot of time in New York City throughout the year, and that means that I need a warm, sturdy boot or two in my closet. I love this waterproof Nordic casual boot for more casual days there. This boot is made by LL Bean, so it has plenty of credibility when it comes to grip and waterproofing. It also offers better style than the typical boot made by the company. I would pair this boot with a skinny jean. It’s perfect for weekends and errands, too.

I love this sleek Miller knee high boot by Tory Burch. It’s more high fashion but still a warm, sturdy boot for that East Coast winter weather. The black is a classic color and the minimalist logo is chic without being obtrusive.

For fun, this Leonelle boot by Jessica Simpson is my pick for dancing this winter. It’s probably the one I’ll wear to the office the day before our holiday break starts, to be honest. It’s got a great slouchy, 80s, throwback feel and you know I love that. For you young alt-rock type chicks out there,

I’m happy to report that Dr. Martens boots are still in style this season. There are great floral prints and rich colors including purple available. Finally, for my SoCal ladies, I know you aren’t so much about the heavy soles and winterized boots.

This classic Galaxy Bling mini boot in quartz by UGG is my pick for you this winter. I don’t get to Malibu and Calabasas very often these days, but when I do, I love seeing this kind of leisure boot still making the rounds.

Finally, let’s talk about exercise this winter. Now, the treadmill and indoor track are always in season. Don’t go running outside in the ice and snow and get hurt. For running this time of year, I love this GEL-Contend 5 by Asics. It’s lightweight, but still sturdy and supportive. It’s a classic running shoe that you can take out on the trail if the weather’s good where you are, too. For studio and dance classes,

I love the Bloch Element. This shoe is completely breathable and very lightweight. The neutral colors complement any workout nicely.

What are your picks for shoes as we head into the holiday season? Do you like mine, or is there something I’m completely missing out on? You know the drill. Let’s chat in the comments below!

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