Shoe Fashion 101: How to Wear Lace-up Flats


Lace-up flats are timeless and fashionable footwear for every season. They are easy to wear and extremely sexy hence a reason you should have a place for them in your closet.

Why we like lace-up flats

They are stylish and mostly appear on street-style icons, fashion bloggers, and celebrities. Lace-up flats are also practical and can be a relief to your feet since they feel more comfortable than heels. Even though heels will never go out of fashion, lace-up flats are more fun and popular, especially when dressing for casual looks since they give you a polished and classy look.

Where to wear lace-up flats

For office-appropriate look, you can pair your lace-up flats with a dress and later to dinner with your friends.

Better still, you can rock them with a cute fitting top and jeans to the mall or the market for the weekend casual look.

How to style lace-up flats

Lace-up flats are versatile meaning they come in different designs, styles, and colors enabling you to wear them with various outfits to give you a fashion-forward look. When it comes to lace-up flats always remember to show the laces no matter what you wear them with since the laces are a great aspect of the shoes.

The best way to style your lace-up flats is with boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans to achieve a more ladylike note. When wearing them with the skinny jeans though, make a point of showing the laces around the ankles and don’t tuck them under your pants.

You will also look cute when you style them with shorts and dresses. You can either tie the laces at the back, in front or even at the side in a knot or a bow however you feel more comfortable.

Factors to consider when choosing lace-up flats

Choose the Right Style

Ensure you get the right style of these on-trend flats that will complement your outfit since they come in various designs. Lace-up flats can either be in a pointed-toe style or a rounded toe. The pointed-toe is considered to be more popular due to their classic look. This sharp toe design is sleek and polished and you can easily dress them up or down.

Pointed-toe lace-ups are more fashionable and they have a slimming effect on your legs, unlike rounded toe which has opposite effect especially if your legs are muscular.

Choose the Right laces

The laces for these flats vary from one brand to another hence the need to check different designs. Opt to go for flats with laces that crisscross on top of your foot. The crisscross laces style look great with loose pants, tight jeans, skirts, shorts, and dresses as the detail gives an extra dimension to most of your outfit.

You can cuff your jeans slightly above your ankle when wearing crisscross style to ensure that the strappy lacework is exposed. You can also go for a pair that features a zip closure at their heel to help you put them on and off easily.

Eye-catching materials and stylish features

The more a lace-up flat is detailed the better. A complex design of a lace-up flat makes it more beautiful and it doesn’t necessarily mean hard to wear. Make sure you choose flats that have catchy and stylish features like the unusual lacework, peekaboo details as this will make your look more impressive.

Again the material of a shoe is a number one aspect to check before purchasing your flats to ensure that its quality and durable. Materials like leather, suede, snakeskin, and velvet guarantee you durability and make sure that quality of your shoe is not compromised.


Whether you prefer cutaway designs, open toes or cut out details it’s important to get a color that goes with most of your outfits. You can never go wrong with a black pointed-toe lace-up flat since it’s always stylish and can match with a lot of outfits in your wardrobe.

With a sleek, black pair of lace-up flats that has a glossy finish, you don’t have to worry about them getting out of style since they are trendy, stylish, and you are likely to get mileage from them for several years.

The nude color is ideal for people who have muscular short legs and wide ankles.  It provides a neutral tone and helps lengthen and give your legs a slim appearance. The laces tend to attract more attention mostly around your calves and ankles. Lace-up flats are considered as statement shoes hence the need to wear colors that emphasize your legs.

Bold colors

You can style your simple outfits with lace-up flats that come in bold colors to make an impact. For example, you can wear black shorts with a fitted t-shirt and pair them with your statement red, pointed-toe lace-ups or animal print flats.

You can also wear your bright orange or yellow lace-up flats with a black simple dress or skirt for that feminine look.

Bottom line, lace-up flats are extremely versatile giving you an option to try them with different combinations. Therefore, you can look more fashionable this summer with these flats as they come in various colors enabling you to style them with a leather jacket and matching bags for a chic look.

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