Sexy Shoes for Autumn and Winter 2019

As April comes around the corner, I find myself looking back on the previous month. March found me travelling all over the place, and most specifically, to Paris for yet another Fashion Week. You all know that I have many roles to fill. I’m a mother, I’m about to be a wife, and I’m a fashion writer. Here on this blog I love bringing you great picks that will fit your lifestyle. I like helping connect women with shoes that can make them feel confident as they move through their work, family and social responsibilities.

But I always feel the pull of high fashion, too. There’s a part of me that loves nothing more than a good runway show. The thrill is real for me. I love a sexy shoe, and I sometimes literally have my breath taken away by the creations I see on the runway. I take any opportunity to meet not only designers, but also hands-on shoemakers. Now, some designers do both. But some designers just sketch and leave the craft to others. Meeting these elderly men – and they are mostly men – can be humbling. Some of them have lost chunks of their fingers to fashion! Making heels, just like wearing them, is not for the faint-hearted.

In March, everyone was showing their Fall/Winter 2019 collections. Is that slightly nutty? I suppose. But you have to remember that designers are really showing for editors and buyers. They have to get orders in place before they put all of this into production in a big way. You won’t see some of these styles in the actual store for some time. However, telling you all about it lets you be prepared. You, my dear readers, are about to be ahead of the curve.

One of my favorite Fall/Winter trends was on the runway at Louis Vuitton. This house has been in the game for generations, and leatherwork is their thing. No one makes luggage, bags or shoes quite like Vuitton. Some of the booties they showed just about blew my mind. They coupled a unique texture with biker boot aesthetics. These boots looked part basketweave and part chainmail. Details like black leather straps metal rings really made these booties pop. So did colors like bright yellows, though my favorite was the classic black bootie. I take care of my shoes, but I can’t imagine keeping that yellow so bright in a slushy Parisian or New York City street during the actual fall or winter of 2019. Take a look at these breathtaking booties here.

Miu Miu was a show that really challenged the way I think of shoes. Miuccia Prada has a unique way of viewing the world; I believe that she is an artist in the truest sense of the word. The shoes she sent down the runway were amazing. Some of them are a classic strappy sandal that really dazzle with their sparkle. Some of these challenge the whole notion of what a shoe is and what it should look like. There was a divine boot-looking shoe in camouflage. Well, should I say boot, or sneaker? Take a look for yourself and decide. The heel is something else. Will anyone wear them, apart from Lady Gaga? Only time will tell. Miu Miu put the show up as an Instagram story, where everyone can be a part of this sparkling show. Really, take a look. You’ll see what I mean about Miuccia being a serious creative force.

I have to talk a little bit about Alexander McQueen. Since the death of McQueen himself, this label has hewed close to his standards and aesthetic. They’re also a proudly English brand, which is something I love for Fall/Winter. At heart, I’m an NYC girl and McQueen understands a shoe that works for a cold, wet, rainy day in the autumn. For Fall/Winter 2019, McQueen sent some great, punk-inspired looks down the runway in Paris. Many of their shoes were punk-inspired. Tall, Dr Martens style boots with red laces were a favorite of mine. I was a little confused by the studded version with an athletic sole, but some of the younger fashion writers there were very into it. McQueen is not quite my aesthetic. I have a sunnier worldview. But take a look at this show and see if you’re not impressed.

Giambattista Valli sent so many cheeky, light, delightful looks down the runway. There was even a pump with a spatterguard. It’s been about a century since spats were fashionable, and then only for me. There were also pink shoes with shaggy white feathers, sexy patent over-the-knee boots, and black flat boots covered in oversized pailettes. These are great shoes for a young person, or someone who’s young at heart. I love, love, love that spatterguard shoe. In a way it’s like taking a sexy leopard print shoe and pairing it with a crisp, white Carolina Herrera shirt. Take a look at some of these sexy, sassy shoes here.

Fashionistas, what were your favorite Fall/Winter runway shows from Paris Fashion Week? What were your favorite shoes overall? And what are you bringing to family dinner for Easter coming up? Be sure to check-out my list of Springtime shoes and let’s chat in the comments below!

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