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Summer is one of my favorite times of year. It’s the season for just about everything but snow. There are days at the beach. There are outdoor weddings. Garden parties at venues like the Huntington Gardens are always on my to-do list. Even some sporting events, like the NBA Finals, are a great place to showcase fashion. If you can get tickets, that is.

There are also some great trends in shoes right now, that make it easier than ever to show off your sense of individuality and style. Chunky sneakers are in. Barely-there, strappy, sexy sandals are in, too.

If you love that East Coast preppy look, that’s in style. And even Teva style sandals are on-trend right now. Today, I’d like to go over some of the great summer shoe fashion options, for people of every age and income.

There are some exceptionally sexy barely-there sandals on the market this summer. For my ladies with money to burn, I love this Godiva high-heel sandal by Sergio Rossi. Look how those slinky straps are designed to follow the curvature of the foot!

That’s what I call craftsmanship. I love this shoe in the pale pink, because it provides such a nice contrast to my darker skin. But that red is pretty dang hot, too. It’s got date night written all over it, wouldn’t you say?


My ladies who are on a budget, don’t worry! I’ve got something for you, too. This Faye strappy sandal by Lost Ink isn’t quite as barely there as Mr. Rossi’s offering. But it’s a great, inexpensive way to stay on trend this summer. I love that high heel. It’s going to add real definition to the muscles in your legs.

And those straps that frame the ankle and toe look great, too. This has a slightly more youthful, bubblegum pink. It’s also available in a neutral black. This is a shoe that’s perfect for date night, weddings or just to make you feel superglam when you’re out and about living life.

Chunky sneakers are back in a big way this summer. Now, I lived through the first chunky sneaker boom, back in the 1990s. These shoes are much chunkier than anything we were rocking back then. They look almost like the “moon boot” style snowboots my own mother rocked as a child in the 1970s.

I have to admit, this is one of the first trends I don’t quite get. Part of me wants to tell you kids to get off my dang lawn. And part of me knows that if I give this a try, I’ll see the bright side of it. My guess is that these shoes are comfortable as heck. As I said, I’ve never seen something quite so cushioned looking.

If I dive in and give this trend a try for myself, I’ll be going with something like the Fila Luminance. This shoe has a great throwback look. The white-with-accents thing is very 1990s to me. I love those chunky, stripey laces almost more than I like the shoe itself.

This shoe, although notably chunky, is also on the more moderate side of the trend. When I say chunky sneakers are in, believe me: chunky sneakers are in. As you can see, there’s something available at every price point. Everyone from Steve Madden to Prada is getting in on this trend.

One final chunky shoe I kind of like is this Rigster Wedge by G for Guess. I love this because it’s a little more sophisticated than a traditional wedge sneaker. Some of those are flat-out cheesy to me! But this one has a nice proportionality. It’s chunky all over, so you don’t see the huge wedge and then the skinny front part.

It’s also glittery and golden. Now, you know how much I love attention when it comes to my footwear. I also happen to think this shiny golden color would look great against my smooth, shiny skin this summer. You all know I’ve been running. My legs have never looked better, 30s or not, and I want everyone to take a gander at them.

Finally, let’s take a look at some athletic sandals. I know that athletic sandals and sexy sound like contradictory terms. But 2019 is all about breaking fashion rules, it seems. Chunky sandals are all the rage this year. To me, this is like being a kid in the 1990s. Did you all see that new Spider-Man movie? They’ve got Zendaya as MJ in these chunky boots and a floral dress. It’s like those grunge days all over again!

To me, this chunky sandal thing is an evolution of that. Take a look at this Stand Your Ground sandal at Nasty Gal. It’s like a Dr. Martens boot going to the beach on a day off, don’t you think? At the other end of the spectrum, there’s a blinged-out version in white by Gucci. Made of leather, costume jewelry and mesh, it truly blurs the line between high and low fashion. It’s pop art for your feet.

What do you think of the trends this summer? As I said, I love a barely-there shoe, and I don’t quite know what to make of the chunked-out offerings on offer. We do not live in moderate times! 2019 is all about extremes, wouldn’t you say? Let me know how you feel in the comments below!

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  1. Vonda says:

    Hi, I am desperately trying to locate those luggage/tan colored shoes that you featured in your Aug 2019 review. If you can point me in the right direction with so much as the brand/name of that shoe, I would greatly appreciate you. Thank you very much!

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