Sexy Casual Shoes

Can a shoe be both sexy and casual?

I say yes. You know I love a good heel and a sexy over-the-knee boot. But there’s a time and a place for everything. Not every night is date night. Sometimes you’re going to the store, or to visit your family, or to an appointment at the doctor’s office.

Every woman needs a good casual shoe in her life. But being casual doesn’t mean giving up. Park your Crocs and flip-flops by the door. We’re going a little higher fashion. Take these tips to look cute-casual and learn to never lose your sex appeal, even when it’s a day of relaxation.

Nike Bennassi Duo Sandals

I love this cute Benassi Duo slide from Nike. That second strap really sets this sandal apart. From the practical standpoint, it’s more secure on your foot. And to me it just makes the sandal look more expensive. This is something I’d wear into the yoga studio before hitting the mat, or at the beach. There are some great colors to choose from. I love the white printed version and the two-toned pink. The pink really complements my skin tone, and it always looks great with my pedicure.

Aldo Galinsky Loafer

Look at this Galinsky loafer from Aldo. Isn’t it elegant? I love the paisley detailing on it. This reminds me of the luxurious old tapestries and wallpapers you see when you tour an old mansion. (Girl, if you live in LA? Go and see the Huntington. That Arabella knew a good tapestry when she saw one.) This is what I call a statement shoe. It’s flat but with that pointy toe and the print, it has so much visual appeal. When I wear something like this out and about, I always get a tap on the shoulder. People think it’s super cute and want to know where I found it. I would wear this with a dark skinny jean on the weekend, or maybe even a wide-legged trouser on a work day.

Vans Authentic Sneakers

This Authentic sneaker from Vans is on trend for this autumn. It’s got the bright red color going on, in addition to the plaid look. Now this is a tough look for someone my age to carry off. I’m a professional woman with a business, a son and a fiancé. But if you’re younger, or if you’re more indie art-scene than me, this is a great casual pick for you. As I said, it’s right on trend. Pair it with ripped jeans for that punk rock look. Wear it with a short pleated skirt or skater dress for a naughty schoolgirl feel. It’s a comfortable pick, too, if you’re gonna be on your feet for a while.

Steve Madden Trace Mule

I feel like in this blog, I don’t talk enough about mules. Mules have a long history. They go back to Roman times, if you can believe it. They slip on easily and they’re fairly flat. They are a perfect weekend casual shoe, but they look so elegant, too. I love this Trace mule in suede from Steve Madden. Suede is so soft and buttery, and I love the color selection. That pale, almost pastel grey just does it for me. I think you can wear this shoe with just about any kind of trouser. I like it with a light wash jean, too. I think this is one of the sexiest shoes that can still be considered casual.

Free People Lost Valley Boots

A casual boot is a must for the fall. I love the distressed details and back zipper on this Lost Valley boot from Free People. Now, this boot won’t protect you from snow or rain. But it is indeed cute. Wear it on your day off to run errands. Take it to the bank, to the cafe, to the grocery store. This comfy little boot comes in a great neutral shade of brown, in addition to classic black. It looks super cute with any light or dark wash jean.

Sperry Venice Boat Shoes

Now, hear me out, here. I know these Sperry Venice washable boat shoes are preppy, but they are not corny. Actually, they do it all. They’re made of leather, but they can be machine washed. They come in great

colors. And those laces go all the way around. So if you need a tighter fit? Looser fit? Just adjust ’em. This is the shoe I wear if I have to visit someone in a hospital, nursing home, or other germy area. I just throw them in the wash when I get home.

Icebug Athletic Shoes

Do y’all know about Icebug? This brand hails from Sweden, but you can order online from the USA, too. I know I’ve told you about how into camping and hiking my fiancé is. These shoes are known for their grippiness on any surface. They’re designed with ergonomics in mind, and anything that cuts down on foot pain is okay in my book. I love the way this brand plays with color, and I think their little bug logo is pretty cute, too. This DTS3 BUGrip shoe is available in magenta and black. They have a Gore-Tex lining, and the outside is polyester. These shoes are durable and dry out quickly when they get wet. And as I said, aren’t they cute for an athletic shoe?

What’s your most favorite casual shoe? Did I miss out on any good ones? Let me know in the comments below!


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