Review: Twisted Women’s KIX Canvas Sneakers with Zippers

Every woman should have a pair of high heels, stilettos, boots and a few comfortable pair of sneakers. Lucky for us there’s several types of sneakers on the market to “shop until you drop”.

This not only makes it fun, but easy to find a pair that’s perfectly suited for our particular needs as well as our particular feet. In this review, we will look at Twisted Women’s KIX Canvas Sneakers, a sneaker that is very sporty, has a classic look, durable and very comfortable.

These flat sneakers are what every women needs to look stylish and stay comfortable no matter the season or occasion. They are available in white, black, and blue as well as some very cute floral decorations.

Before going through the features of these sneakers, let us first look at some of the things you should consider when purchasing sneakers.

How to Pick the Best Sneakers

Type: As we had said earlier, there are several types of sneakers. Here are the most common ones

  • Athletic Kicks: These sneakers are sports-centric and a good blend of functionality and style. They are good for workout and regular jogging.
  • High Top Basketball Sneakers: These sneakers allow you to wear long socks without showing them out. They are also stylish when worn with tight-fitting jeans for a casual weekend out.
  • Canvas Sneakers: Canvas sneakers have material upper. They have a low ankle and can work with any casual dress. They are the most popular sneakers with many women.
  • Slip-on sneakers: The classic design of the sneakers comes without shoelaces. They are easy to wear and good when strolling around home.

Your Wardrobe: The choice of your sneakers will also depend on the clothing in your wardrobe. It is advisable to pick a sneaker that can be worn with as many of your casual clothing as possible

Your Activity Schedule: If you like walking a lot, you need to purchase a pair of sneakers that are light and comfortable. You also need to look at the sole to ensure that it has enough padding to support your heels. You may also want to buy one where you can conceal your socks.

Without further ado, let’s get into the details of Twisted Women’s KIX Canvas Sneakers.

Sporty, classic look, durable and very comfortable!
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The Review

When it’s time for summer, autumn or spring, sometimes you need something besides the everyday boot, high heel or peep toe shoes. Once more, you occasionally need to relax your feet from the stress of walking in unnatural angles.

Wearing sneakers from time to time helps relax the feet and promotes good blood circulation. They are also stylish with the timeless design, ensuring that they will remain adorable in the foreseeable future.

Here come the Twisted KIX Canvas sneakers. They are popular with women for their comfort and style. The side zip makes wearing and removing hem less of a hustle.


Whenever you are purchasing a shoe, always consider the comfort of the shoe before any other feature. You may have a cute shoe, but if it’s uncomfortable, it’s not worth a dime of your money. Health experts warn that uncomfortable shoes are to blame for lower back and leg pain for most women.  Thankfully the KIX canvas shoes are built with comfort in mind.

First, they are made from vulcanized rubber soles that are about an inch in width. This enables the shoe to offer the required support of the feet when you are taking a step. It also allows for flexibility and the bend. You can move your feet onto any direction without pain or fatigue. A bend is very important, especially when you are jogging or walking for long distances. This is one of the highest selling points for the shoe brand.

When researching about the comfort of this shoe from users, I met several ladies who confessed to wearing the shoe for six to eight hours when doing errands or during the weekends. The flat design adds to the comfort of the sneaker. If you are one of the ladies who suffer from chronic hip or lower back pain, this is the ideal shoe to buy.  It distributes your weight evenly across both shoes, leaving your feet relaxed and comfortable.

In addition, the shoe has a cushioned footbed, which enhances the fit when you wear your shoe. This feature also enhances the comfort of the shoe. A fitting shoe prevents injuries when jogging taking a stroll.  The rubber sole is still thick enough to allow you to walk on a path that has small pebbles without injuring your heel. Besides, it has a round toe design, which is the most comfortable of the toe designs you can find anywhere.


With Twisted brand, you do not have to wear the same old simple design of sneakers. The brand has fine-tuned some features to make your sneakers something that you will love to wear when going out. Most women do not want to wear shoes that have been worn by everyone else; That’s our sweet little secret!  The brand understands this too. For that reason, it has added a stylish twist to the popular canvas design. There is a zip on the side of the shoe. Second, it has played with colors and created a contrast between the sole and the upper as well as the eyelets. I also found the intricate floral design on the tongue and the edges a great addition to the stylish look of the sneaker.

My favorite show is the all-white with metallic eyelets and zipper. It looks hippy and modern. I also have a black, floral printed, black canvas shoe with white eyelets and sole.  I wear these two with various outfits but wear them mostly with my tight jeans, denim and casual pants. I believe that they can also work well with short skirts. Black and white can also be worn with a variety of colors including bold ones like greens and blues.


These KIX canvas shoes have a rubber sole that is just over one inch high. The size of the sole is not too thin to cause pain when walking for long distances. However, it is not too thick to cause discomfort, especially when walking on uneven grounds. If you have several heeled pairs, consider having a flat sneaker to support the ball of your foot as well as metatarsalgia when walking. It has the stability and cushioning support that you need to avoid pain.

The outer rubber sole is tough and durable. The vulcanization ensures that it will not tear when you flex and bend the shoe. It is hardwearing and slip-resistant. This means you can jog in a wet park without fear that you might slip and fall. The upper is not water-resistant. Therefore, it is not ideal for wearing during wet weather if going outdoors.

In addition, it has a comfortable soft inner lining, which feels nice when you wear the shoe. The material is also breathable, which helps prevent the awful odor that comes with sweating after walking for long-distance. You can wear the sneaker with or without your socks. If you are wearing it with socks, ensure that you do not for a tight fit. Otherwise, you will find the shoe accommodating, especially for people with slightly larger legs. However, I recommend picking a larger shoe if you have large feet.

Final Thoughts

Twisted Pair may not be the world most popular sneaker brand. However, it has been providing quality shoes for quite some time. Those who have worn its shoes praise them for being affordable without losing its quality. It also sells other types of shoes that include sandals, flats, boots, wide calf boots, and kids’ shoes. Women of all foot sizes, especially those with large feet, will find the shoes accommodative. Also, women that suffer from back and hip problems will find the flat low heel design comfortable to wear for long periods. In addition, this shoe comes at a reasonable price, which many will find pocket-friendly.

I also like the intricate play with colors and the stylish side zipper. The canvas material is also easy to maintain and does not fade fast. This means that you can wear the shoe for so long without degrading in quality. Besides, the inner lining is soft and cool. It means that the shoe will not have bad odors after wearing it for long. You may decide to wear socks if you are working out to help absorb much of the sweat.

Overall, this is a choice shoe for casual wears, workouts, or those lazy meetups during the weekends. And girl, if you love clubbing like I do, this pair will come handy on the dance floor.

So that’s a rap, case closed, the verdict is in! These shoes are a must have in your wardrobe. Agree or disagree, let me know in the comment section. And if you own a pair, your assessment would greatly be appreciated. If your looking for a sneaker that is a little more sportier but just as comfortable, check out my review on the Women’s Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit 2. Until next time, stay sexy and remember if the shoe fits, buy them all!

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