Review: Tiosebon Women’s Comfortable Walking Shoes

On my path to a fitter version of myself, I’ve come across hundreds of women’s athletic shoes. About a year back I noticed some flab around my tummy and glutes. I waited for it to disappear on its own. Prayed it would. But the midnight ice cream treats didn’t help the situation… I digress, so about the walking shoes, some were nice and some were awful.

In this article I want to shine a spotlight on one particular athletic shoe that caught my eye and captured my heart. These beautiful sneakers are super comfy, lightweight, and affordable.

The Tiosebon Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes are what you need whether you are going to the gym, traveling, or jogging. But before we delve further into what these sneakers can or can’t do, let’s first look at the factors to consider when buying walking shoes.

How to choose walking shoes:

  • Arch support

Your feet are not entirely flat. The arch area needs support for you to maintain balance and avoid heel pain. A good pair of sneakers offer proper arch support. Check for a shoe that is well padded around the arch.

  • Upper

This refers to the top side of the shoe. Traditionally, most athletic shoes feature layers of mesh and fabric glued together. I’ve tried shoes with this type of upper and they are awful to say the least. That type of fabric is not breathable and leaves your feet sweaty and smelly.

Thankfully, things have changed. Most brands now use breathable mesh fabric to craft walking shoes’ upper. Look for a shoe with a soft and smooth upper. Also, ensure it matches the shape of your foot.

  • Ankle collar

I recommend you go for a pair with a soft, well-padded ankle collar. Check the curve on the shoe’s back. Ensure it does not irritate your Achilles tendon.

  • Outsole

Shoe brands use different types of foam compounds or rubber to make outsoles. You should look for a pair of shoes whose outsole provides the right level of stability, offers traction, and whose footprint shape matches yours.

Without further ado, let’s look at the Tiosebon Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes.

Sleek, Comfortable, Durable, and Adorable!
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The Review

Before I ordered my pair, I first did some digging on the company that designs these sneakers. I call it due diligence.

What I found out really impressed me. Tiosebon has been around for quite some time and boast of a wide collection of shoes. They design shoes for women, men and children. Their shoes are comfortable and fashionable.

The Tiosebon women’s walking shoe had the most reviews and had an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.  Armed with this information I knew it was time to get a pair. Here is why the Tiosebon are the perfect shoes for walking.


Recently, as I was looking for summer sandals, I came across a very interesting article. It detailed how her Majesty the Queen has someone who breaks into her shoes. I mean there is a person out there whose job is to walk around the palace in new shoes for a little while until the shoes soften. This is ingenious. Don’t you hate it when you have to bear with blisters caused by wearing new shoes?  Boy I wish I was royalty!

But that aside, one thing that really stood out about the Tiosebon sneakers is that there is no breaking into the shoe.  The upper is made from soft fabric which has a sock-like feeling. This means you will not feel any pressure on your feet. No rubbing and no blisters anywhere.

How is the arch support in Tiosebon Women’s Shoes? Much better than I expected. The arch support is raised to offer you the support you need. Most users said they didn’t have to use inserts in these shoes. The bottom has enough cushioning, ensuring your feet are stable and comfortable. You won’t feel pebbles when walking in this footwear.

Another reason why these sneakers are so popular is because they are breathable. Don’t you just love it when you can walk in a shoe for hours without worrying about sweat or smelly feet? The knit mesh fabric offers superior breathability, ensuring your feet stay odorless and cool. This material is a bit stretchy, allowing people whose feet are wide to fit into the shoes perfectly.

How stylish are the Tiosebon women’s athletic walking shoes? Glad you asked.


These walking shoes for women are best for women between the ages of 16 years to 55 years. They are available in numerous colors such as black, apricot, orange, burgundy, gray, navy, white and brown. I picked navy and burgundy.

Yes, I ordered two pairs. I especially like the burgundy since it marries well with my red tops. I love that there are a variety of options to pick from. For example, if you prefer navy, you have the option of choosing between all navy or a combination of navy and pink. The same applies for black and gray.

The vibrant colors ensure the shoe stands out from its counterparts. The sleek profile makes these shoes great for casual wear. You can wear them to work, over the weekend, when vacationing, or to a party. It’s also worth noting that these Tiosebon shoes are TSA friendly and Airport friendly.

Unlike other sneakers, these Tiosebon walking shoes do not have laces to worry about. The soft, elastic topline makes it easy to slide into or off the shoes. This means you will always be ready to dash to the plane without worry about laces after the security check. What more could you ask for?

Value ­

On mysexyshoereview.com, I always do my best to recommend shoes that are durable. I understand that it important you get value for money. The Tiosebon women’s athletic walking shoes won’t disappoint.

Some users have stated that they used them for months and the shoes held up. One user said she was able to travel with them across Europe and they looked as good as new.

You will like the rubber outsole that is made of rubber material. Rubber is flexible, allowing the shoe to bend and turn with ease. This prevents the sole from cracking.

The sole is also bouncy/springy, which helps minimize impact on your joints as you walk.  The bounce also helps relieve pressure on your back. Users with bad knees and bad backs have been able to use these walking shoes comfortably.

The rubber material also provides durability and traction without adding stiffness or excess weight. It is also slip resistant, allowing you to take every step with confidence no matter the type of terrain.

The other feature that ensures you get value for money is the waterproof insole. This insole is made of latex material. This pigskin insole is breathable ensuring your feet are cool throughout the day. The edges are sewn to prevent tearing.

You may now be wondering about the price. With so many awesome features the Tiosebon ought to cost an arm and leg, right? The good news is these walking shoes are inexpensive. They offer the same value as walking shoes from notable brands but come at half the price.

Instead of getting sneakers that will cost you more, just get two pairs of these. That is what I did and ended up doing a happy dance after receiving them.

Final Thoughts

Will the Tiosebon Women’s Athletic Walking shoes make it to my list of the 10 best shoes I’ve worn this year? This is a no brainer for me. They must feature in the top 5. I like that they are soft, comfortable and durable. You will find that you don’t need to walk around in them for your feet to settle. You will feel like you are just wearing slippers.

At 1.2 pounds there are some of the lightest walking shoes on the marketing. You will love the springy feeling and the cushioning. Do the shoes run small or large? I would recommend you pick a size 0.5 up your normal size.

Remember, if you are between 16 to 55 years, these cute shoes are for you. The Tiosebon women’s athletic walking shoes are extremely comfortable, stylish, and inexpensive. I can bet you will do a happy dance when you receive them.

Hope this review helps you with your search, you really can’t go wrong with Tiosebon, one of my personal favorite brands. By the way, if your looking for some great sneakers, check out my review on Women’s Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit 2. Thanks for stopping by and we hope to have you back soon…. stay sexy!

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