Review: Plaka Palm Leaf Sandals

When the winter months come to an end, it is the time to pack up those heavy boots for something lighter and more fashionable. It is time for those light, sexy and comfortable sandals.

I have quite a large collection of sandals to match my floral outfits for those summer parties and weddings; and others for when I am lazing around at home.

One of my favorite pair of sandals is the Plaka flat sandals for women. They give me a combination of comfort and freedom and are very stylish as well.

If you are not sure what kind of sandals to buy, here is my short advice on what to consider next time you go shopping for your sandals.

Heel Cushioning

Given that sandals are quite thin, there is a risk of getting bruised when you step on pebbles and other small pointed objects. If the sandal is quite thin, chances are that you will feel every pebble you walk on. The ideal sandal should have enough cushioning and should always bounce back when depressed. If buying from a store, give them a good press to see if they bounce back.

Arch Support

Your foot doesn’t sit on the ground in its entirety. The arch area is always raised. If you purchase a sandal that does not take care of the arch, chances are you are likely to stress your feet and end up with heel pain. Look for a sandal that is more than a piece of cardboard and fabric. Pick one that is well padded on the arc area.

Your Activities

Different sandals perform differently in different activities. If you are looking for sandals for when you go grocery shopping, go for lightweight sandals. If you are going for a little hike, choose closed toe sandals. Waterproof pairs are great for water sports, beach parties, and camping. Pick one that meets you needs best.

With the above tips in mind, let us look at Plaka Palm Leaf Sandals and what features they have to offer.

Sexy, unique, stylish and comfortable - The Perfect Summer Sandal!
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The Review

Every day, thousands of women wear their favorite sandals to the beach, shopping, or when going out with their girlfriends. To show off those sexy legs, you need sandals that are not just great-looking, but sandals that are pretty, comfy, and light. Here is all that you need to know about Plaka Palm Leaf Sandals.


Comfort is always the first thing that you look for in a sandal. When it comes to Plaka Palm Leaf Sandals, two main features enhance the comfort of the sandal. First, the sandal has a rubber sole. The rubber offers some form of padding at the arch, and sole of your feet by bouncing back every time you press it while walking. You can walk in an area with small pebbles and other pointed objects without bruising your feet.

Second, the top is made of leathery fabric that looks more or less like denim. Unlike the very smooth materials, this material is able to absorb some of the feet sweat preventing you from feeling soggy and slippery. This allows you to walk comfortably and in the same posture over considerable long distances. The upper also adapts to the shape of your feet, enabling it to pad other areas such as the arch so that you are able to walk without any pain.

Third, I always change to my sandals every time I get home from work. I wear medium heel shoes. By the time I get home, I need to relax my feet. This pair comes as a relief. It is lightweight and comfortable. You can walk with it for quite long distances while having a stroll in the city or walking by the beach. Its lightweight design does not affect is comfort and functionality in any way.


You do not want sandals with straps that wear off after a few wears. The good news is, the Plaka Palm Leaf sandal straps are interwoven to strengthen them along the stress areas such as the big toe and the top-most part of the feet. You expect it to take some beating before it gives way. Moreover, the high-quality rubber sole is hard wearing and does not get deformed as low quality rubber outsoles do. This enables it to retain the buoyancy required to pad your feet when walking on uneven grounds.

Another reason to pick the Plaka Palm Leaf Sandal is its water-resistance capability. Summer holidays rain at times and you may go kayaking or play beach volleyball. This sandal is water resistant. A splash of water will not ruin it. However, do not go into the water with it. While it may not be damaged with occasional dips, you are likely to lower its expected life expectancy.


The first thing that you see will notice about the Plaka Palm Leaf Sandals is their contoured design and colorful straps.  Moreover, the denim-like fabric tops complete the stylish look. The designer has taken his time to create an awesome shoe that looks good both on the shelves and on your feet. There are several design tweaks available for this sandals brand, thereby giving you a choice depending on your preference and needs. I have a few pairs with each matching with a particular summer outfit.  My favourite colors are turquoise, yellow, green, and red. You can also consider having different colors for your wardrobe too.

A choice of Different Sizes

As a rule of the thumb, do not purchase a sandal that doesn’t fit no matter how good it looks. It will only injure your feet when you walk.  With Plaka Palm Leaf Sandals, you have a choice of different sizes from 5 to 11. Anyone with a narrow to medium foot will wear the sandal comfortably. If you have a teenage daughter, why not consider getting them a pair or two as you buy yours. With a design that cuts across ages, they will not feel out of place when they wear it to the park on a weekend.

Handmade Sandals

Another reason why this is the right sandal for you is they have been hand-woven with love. You will love the kind of work that has gone into making these shoes stylish. This gives them a unique feel compared to many other brands in the market. The soft nylon material can stretch while you are walking. The stretching helps prevent blistering in areas where the straps run.


This sandal has an amazingly low price tag. You will be surprised at how cheap it is selling in major online outlet. Price is not always an indicator of quality. This one is of good quality but with a lower price tag. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy all the features discussed above without breaking the bank.

Despite being durable and strong, the sandal is amazingly flexible. Its flexibility ensures that the rubber sole will not get cracks with repeated bending. When you shop for sandals, be sure to check the flexibility, shoes that are not flexible crack at the mid-foot area.

All the above features make these sandals ideal footwear for your summer-time wardrobe. They combine style, comfort durability, and light-weight, which are all the features that you would need in a sandal.

I hope this review is as helpful as it was a joy for me to write. If you own a pair of these amazing sandals let us know what you think. If you enjoyed reading this review you can find more sexy shoe reviews here. If you are currently looking to find your next pair of summer-time flat sandals check out our shop here.

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