Review: Getmorebeauty Women’s Wedge Sandals

Why are wedge shoes so popular? What do you like about them? Most women, I included, love wedge shoes because of their simplicity, elegance and comfort. Well, I came across some gorgeous wedge sandals that are perfect for a wedding, vacation, going to the beach and any outdoor occasion. This fun bohemian style wedge is the Getmorebeauty Women’s Wedge sandal.

Gorgeous, Flexible, and Comfortable!

Product Name: Getmorebeauty Women’s Wedge Sandals

Product Description: These sassy shoes are designed to accentuate your feet. The designer has beautified it using multi colored beads and straps. This feature enables you to pair your Getmorebeauty wedge sandals with different colored outfits. This wedge can be teamed with a dress, skinny jeans, dress pants, or shorts. As you get your Getmorebeauty sandals remember to also get a Bohemian necklace, earrings, or bracelet.

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The Review

Wedges were designed in the 1930’s by Salvatore Ferragamo. The outsole of the first wedge was made of wood while the upper was made of transparent strands of nylons. Over the years, more designers have used the initial design to come up with more gorgeous wedges. The Getmorebeauty Women’s Wedge sandal features the original design and more.


What is the arch type of your feet? Just like body shapes, the feet also come in different shapes, sizes, and arches. Your foot arch determines your comfort while wearing a shoe. There are three types of feet arches; flat feet/low arch, medium arch, and high arch. If you have flat feet or high arch feet, it is recommended you avoid pointed heel shoes.

But, herein lies a problem, how do you show off you sexy side without heels? How will you elongate your feet without heels? The Getmorebeauty women’s sandals are the perfect solution to these problems. These wedges offer more support to the foot arch compared to a pointed high heel shoe. Also they help create an illusion of thinner ankles and longer feet.

The Getmorebeauty wedges come with a 4-inch heel and a 2.5-inch platform. This makes them sturdier and more comfortable than other heeled shoes. I also like its padded faux leather insole. This insole adds more support to your foot, enabling you to be on your feet longer.


The Getmorebeauty wedges feature bohemian style. I can only imagine the next question on your mind is, what is the bohemian style? This is a style of dressing that people have used for centuries to show off their creative, cultural, and artistic side. It was used by gypsies in the 1800s. Today, the bohemian style is an indication that a person is full of life, creativity, spirituality, and has a free spirit.

 On its front, the Getmorebeauty sandal features 7 colorful beads straps. The beaded ankle straps are strong, so don’t worry about them breaking after your third wear. The toe box features two crisscrossing straps. These toe straps are made of faux leather. This material is sturdy and soft, so it doesn’t bruise against your toes. The toe straps and the counter (back part of the shoe) feature the same color. Getmorebeauty wedges come in red, blue, beige, black, and white. These colors are perfect for any occasion.

Speaking of the counter, it comes with a zipper closure. This closure allows you to slip on and off the shoes with ease. To complete the bohemian look, the wedge heel features multi colored threads. Unfortunately, the threads fray quickly if the shoes are not properly maintained. To mitigate this issue, you can use a waterproof shoe sealer.

Why I recommend them

Why do I believe this pair will be perfect for you? Well, there are thousands of wedges available on the market and picking the best wedges for every occasion is a daunting task. However, the Getmorebeauty wedge sandals have stood out because of their price point, colors, and comfort. True, there are other wedge shoes that bear the same bohemian design but none of them has the same ratings as the Getmorebeauty sandals.

Most users commented that they were able to walk and stand in this footwear for long hours. One user said that he noted his wife was more comfortable in these heels than in any other pair in her stock pile of shoes. I also recommend them because of their fun colors. These colors are suitable for any outdoor activity. Also, you can apply any color of nail polish. Remember, the Getmorebeauty wedges pair well with skinny jeans, dresses, or skirt.

Final thoughts:

Do you have comfy wedges on your stock pile? Every girl needs a pair of comfortable casual shoes.  Getmorebeauty wedges offer comfort and style than stilettos or slingback shoes. The wedge heel offers more support, ensuring feet don’t hurt.

For style, the ankle straps have decorative beads that make the shoe pop. Just like other users, you are bound to turn heads and get compliments due to this gorgeous wedge sandal. At mysexyshoereview.com we highly recommend the Getmorebeauty Women’s Wedge sandals.

I hope you enjoyed this review, if so let me know in the comments below. If you are in the market for a more elegant sandal, check out my review on the Guess Women’s Aurela3 Platform Dress Sandal. Or check out our wonderful selection of sandal in our shop. Until next time, stay sexy!

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