Review: Plain Line Style Buckle Stiletto Heel Pumps

Pumps have been trendy since the Egyptian civilization. Unfortunately in those ancient times pumps were only worn by wealthy women. And, there were only a few designs to pick from.  Today, every fashionable woman owns a pair and we have dozens of designs to choose from.

Most women prefer pumps because of their comfort and ability to boost one’s height. Also, you can wear them to work as well as when you go partying in the evenings. In this review, we look at a pair of black pumps that will not only lengthen your legs but will also make you stand out.


Product Name: Plain Line Style Buckle Stiletto Heel Pumps

Product Description: When looking for pumps, always go for one that is comfortable, sexy, and blends perfectly with other colors. The Plain Line pumps offer comfort and more. This shoe comes in black. This color is popular because it blends with other colors and does not stain easily.

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Plain Line Style Buckle Stiletto Heel Pumps

Nothing gets the attention of people like gorgeous heels paired with a beautiful outfit. Get these Plain Line Stiletto Heel Pumps and draw all the eyes to you.


Do you prefer to wear beautiful shoes or comfortable shoes?

This is a question that often comes up in most shoe-related forums. But, I have a question for you. Who determined that beautiful shoes must be uncomfortable? Must comfortable shoes be ugly? As we noted earlier, pumps have been around since the Egyptian civilization, and over the years designers have responded to customer feedback and designed more stylish and comfortable shoes. So if your for both style & comfort, don’t let that myth hold you back from getting the Plain Line pumps.

This shoe features a 4.3-inch pointed heel. Honestly, this is a bit higher than the standard 3-inch heel pumps but it is way shorter than the 6-inch stilettos. So, it will boost your height a bit higher than the standard pump, but you will remain comfortable as when you are wearing a 3-inch heel shoe. Its platform measures less than 0.3 inches/ 1 cm.

I also like the lining made of PU leather.  This material is soft and breathable, so you don’t have to worry about sweating.


If you are looking for a shoe that you can wear in summer, spring or fall, look no further than these Heel Pumps. The outer material is made of black suede, what makes this fabric standout is its unique look. Suede is very fancy, easy on the eyes, and very captivating. So you can be assured wearing these shoes will get you lots of compliments.

The toe area features a pointed toe design. One of the benefits of wearing a pointed toe design is that it gives your feet a slimmer appearance. Just like other pump shoes, the Plain Line Stiletto heels feature a low-cut upper design. This gorgeous design helps to show-off just a tiny part of your toes. It’s the toe cleavage. You get to show-off just a bit of your sexy feet to keep your admirers guessing.

The super cute maroon bow at the back of the shoe is another reason why you should get this gorgeous pair. This additional feature makes this footwear stand out from other black pumps. It also enhances the Plain Line pumps appearance. At the back, you will also find two slits that will show off a bit of your heel.

Why I recommend them

Here at My Sexy Shoe Review, we have made it our duty to review shoes that are not only beautiful but also affordable. The Plain Line Stiletto Pumps are easy on the eye, affordable and durable. One of the reasons I recommend these shoes is because of their rubber outsole.

Outsoles made of rubber are light, flexible, water resistant and slip resistant. So, your pair of stilettos won’t feel heavy on your feet. Despite my love for these shoes, I am also obligated to recognize some of the disadvantages of this pump.

Suede, because of its texture, easily gets dirty. Also, if the material comes into contact with water, it becomes soggy fast. The good news is there are easy ways to maintain your suede stilettos. The first thing you should do after your shoes are delivered is get a good waterproofing spray.

These sprays keeps dirt on the shoe surface, giving you enough time to clean it before the material absorbs it. Also get a soft brush to clean your footwear. If the pumps accidentally come into contact with grease, use a cloth dipped in vinegar to clean it. Overall I believe these shoes will be a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

Final thought:

Pumps have been around for centuries. But, can stiletto heel pumps be beautiful and comfortable. Well, that is exactly what the Plain Line stiletto heel pumps offer you. For comfort, the shoe provides a sturdy 4.3-inch heel, a breathable PU lining, and a slip-resistant rubber sole.

For style, the velvety appearance is bound to draw attention to your feet. The bow at the back spices up the shoe and gives you a more feminine look. The designer has also added a line-style buckle for added security and beauty. You can wear these pumps in spring, summer or fall. So girls if you want shoes that will make you stand out, go for the Plain Line Stiletto Heel Pumps.

Hope you enjoyed this review, be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think. You can read more like this in my shoe review section or take in one of our great shoe articles in the blog section. If you are in the market for some sexy shoes please visit our shoe shop. Enjoy and stay sexy!

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  1. Beauty says:

    This kind of heel is by far my most favorite types in shoes. My love for Stilettos Shoes though…lol! Reading your article has given me great understanding of these types of shoes- the good, the bad and the ugly. Thank you for the eye opening piece. I want to really commend your effort on this. Keep it up!

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