New York Fashion Week Has Arrived! Inspiring some Amazing Shoe Fashion Trends!

New York Fashion Week is here, and I’m on the East Coast, drinking it all in. There’s all kinds of craziness going on over here. Fashion Week is designed to be basically a trade fair. Not that it isn’t also a spectator sport in our current media age. The reason for being, however, is the buyers who are in the audience. That’s why it’s so far ahead of the game. Right now, NYFW is showing Spring/Summer looks for 2020. The buyers will be placing their orders, and then production will go forward.

There have been so many great looks on the runways. Tess Holliday strutted her stuff at the Chromat show. She made a political statement, wearing a dress marked “sample size.” Her red hair was pulled back. Her makeup was on point, with a great eyeshadow look. And she wore some great chunky white sandals to finish the look off. It had a block heel, somewhat similar to this Carly sandal by Something Navy. However, Tess’s heel looked a little bit higher. That’s understandable, as she’s a professional model.

It’s fairly warm for autumn in New York. The ladies at Fashion Week are wearing all kinds of shoes, from open-toed sandals to knee-high boots. Now, some NYC fashionistas will always put style before comfort. But this weather has been great for fashion. It’s a good time for light layers, but the weather is really great for any type of footwear. I’ve been seeing some great looks on the sidewalks and in the seats next to me at some of these shows.

One of my favorite industry figures was wearing some great boots. Hers were knee-high, and a great reddish leather. A great mass-market approximation is this great Fawne riding boot by INC at Macys. These will hit right at or below the knee, depending on the wearer’s height. They pair well with a skinny jean, and add a great pop of color to any outfit.

I’ve been seeing some other great, more futuristic-looking boots, too. They’re simultaneously kind of a 60s throwback and a space-age wonder of their own. This Leather & Vinyl Point-Toe Bootie by Gianvito Rossi is a great example of what I mean. I feel like Nancy Sinatra or Jane Fonda could’ve worn this back in the day. Or some Judy Jetson space-teen could be wearing it in a couple decades. The sleek, smooth surface of these boots is just so sexy. And those vinyl cutouts are a great detail that draws the eye to one of the curviest, most visually interesting parts of the foot.

The looks on the runway packed lots of visual interest, too. Brandon Maxwell sent models down the catwalk in super shiny, super strappy sandals in interesting colors. There was one in a great shade of an almost acid green. Ralph Lauren’s collection took inspiration from the 1920s and 30s. A lot of the models were wearing great black patent leather shoes. There were both pumps and sandals on display. These shoes have a timeless look, and that patent look is just so sexy. The inky black goes with anything, and the shiny finish adds a great feel of glamour. Ulla Johnson sent models down the runway in sandals with great, interesting textures and plenty of stripes.

It looks like the slouchy boot is going to be a fixture for Spring and Summer 2020. The fall boots I’m seeing on spectators are all quite fitted and sleek. But some of the shoes on the runway are much more 80s inspired. They’re soft and slouchy. These vintage 80’s white leather boots are the kind of look that’s about to make a comeback, if the Rag & Bone show is any indication. These boots are youthful, fun and fairly unstructured. They’re a great look for work, for early-evening events and for casual house parties.

There were lots of colorful sneakers on the feet of the spectators at these shows, too. Now, I am of two minds when it comes to the rise of the athletic shoe. Part of me is glad that people are seeking comfortable styles. And part of me still feels like it’s just a touch too casual. Not everyone who showed up in kicks was wearing a high-fashion version by a well-known fashion house. Some people were just flat-out wearing brightly colored Asics. Now, I’m a distance runner. I love my Asics. But I just feel like they’re not high-fashion enough for fashion week. They’re kind of moon-boot-y in shape. They’re not sexy, form-fitting or shiny. I know other people will feel differently about this, but to me, sneakers are just too casual for these events.

One final trend that’s happening in New York in a big way right now is animal print. Everything from snakeskin look boots to leopard skin look loafers was on display. The great thing about these animal prints is that most of them are so clearly faux. These oversized snake prints and artistic leopard style prints are available at all price points, too. ASOS has some great, highly affordable options for this trend.

What are your favorite trends for the present? For Spring/Summer 2020? I’m excited by this whole New York Fashion Week experience. I can’t wait to report back to you on the rest of what I’m seeing here!

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