My List: Springtime Shoes for 2019

Spring has finally sprung!

Right now, I’m on the West Coast. Here, we’re still going through some of those early-season temperature extremes. Sometimes it’s 50 degrees out and rainy. This afternoon, it was 80 and my son was out splashing around in the pool. I do love this time of year. The crocuses, daffodils and tulips – my all-time favorite flower – are in bloom. There’s nothing quite like it.

Of course, springtime footwear is a challenge. I’ve got my Wellington boots in a sassy shade of red. They’re perfect for keeping my feet dry on the rainier days of the springtime. And I know that red is more of a winter color, but I love these boots so much. They make me feel glamorous on gloomy days.

Springtime is also the season when events and parties finally start to move outdoors again. I’ve already talked your ears off about Easter shoes, but I can never get enough of a strappy sandal in a nice pastel. I love this LC Lauren Conrad Walnut sandal. It’s available in a pretty pink and a fine blue and white. The heel is nice and chunky. That means it’s on-trend, more stable, and easier to walk on grass in. It’s a cute, dressy shoe, but you can also take your child to an egg roll in it.

For the spring, a pump in a light color is also essential. Pumps are one of my favorite shoes. Some people find them boring, but I think of them as versatile. A good pump can work in the office, in church, at a garden party or a wedding reception. They’re also slightly sexy. The heel of a pump makes your legs look their best.

This spring, I have a couple of picks when it comes to pumps. This Gayle dress pump by Calvin Klein has a classic pointed toe. It’s available in a pretty royal blue, a bright magenta, and other beautiful colors. Like many of Calvin Klein’s shoes, this a wardrobe staple done well. Calvin’s shoes have become classics because he executes so well. Every woman should have a pair of these in her closet.

My other pump pick is something of a wild card. This Elsie pump in bright stripe comes from J Crew. It’s a shoe you’ve got to wear with confidence. It reads as youthful, but I truly think it can work with any age. Stripes are a classic, not a gimmick. And the color scheme just reminds me of the 80s. Now, I was just a little bug back then. But my babysitter, with her perm and her jean jackets, showing me those old teen Molly Ringwald and John Cusack movies, was my idol. And I still have a soft spot for light, bright, 80s style colors to this day.

What else am I wearing on my feet this spring? The LA marathon was held on Sunday, March 24th. I crossed the finish line wearing a pair of Asics GEL shoes. Now, far be it for me to brag. But I haven’t felt so proud and accomplished as when I crossed that finish line in a very long time. It was tough, but so far I think it was worth it. Luckily, my fiancé was there waiting for me at the end. I know I wouldn’t have been able to drive home by myself. I was just too exhausted!

I do think I maxed out the mileage on those shoes. And they got so sticky during the race! People eat oranges, gels and bananas during the marathon, so the ground gets covered in all kinds of strange things. And besides, every runner knows you’ve got to change shoes every few hundred miles. While I really like Asics, I think I want to at least try on some other brands. I love the look of this 560 V7 running shoe by New Balance. Do you have a favorite workout shoe? I am always open to new tips.

For the weeks when I have to fly into New York City, I need a casual shoe with a lot more style than just any sneaker. I love these Wynter smoking slippers by Dolce Vita. Now, I know what you’re thinking. These aren’t a statement shoe. You came here looking for sexy, high-fashion shoes, and this is what I’m giving you!?

To which I say: yes, dear reader. The supple leather and sleek design of a smoking slipper goes with just about anything. It adds a shockingly modern feel to a tailored jean or to the type of wide-legged trouser that you might wear to an office job. The smoking slipper is upscale casual. It’s comfy enough to be practical, but it has a classic Italian look. If I get invited to George and Amal’s estate in Italy, this shoe is coming in my luggage.

What do you think of my springtime footwear picks? What are you going to be wearing as the weather warms up, and we can finally show off our ankles and legs again? You know the drill! Let me know in the comments below, and if you are looking for a pair of sexy black shoes for Spring this article is a must read.

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