Looking Foward: Shoes for Spring 2019

I don’t know about you, dear readers, but this winter hasn’t exactly been easy for me. Oh, the family’s great and the holidays were good. Nothing’s wrong, in fact, all of that is fine. The fiancé is good, the wedding planning is coming along. And the son is fine.

But the weather has really been taking it out of me. My time in New York has been the standard frigid, East Coast winter. Shockingly, my time on the West Coast has been, too! It’s rained for weeks, solid. There was even snow at my cousin’s house in Pasadena, CA last week. As much as I love a good boot, I’m getting boot fatigue. So it’s time to talk about the coming spring.

One of my favorite springtime events in Los Angeles is the LA marathon. This isn’t some ironman race full of hard-bodied, competitive, dour types. There are a few, of course. Largely, it’s a time to challenge yourself and let your freak flag fly.

There’s all kinds of live music along the course, from Taiko drummers as you climb up that hill to bands as you pass through Hollywood. People run in all kinds of get-ups, from dinosaur costumes, to their country’s flag. It’s quite an event. For me, running a marathon is a great excuse to invest in some new running shoes. I love these Asics Gel Cumulus shoes. They’re not only pragmatic, they also look great. I’ll be wearing the hot pink as I cross the finish line at the end of March.

Apart from that, spring is a time when we get to shed our long, puffy coats, and show some skin again. What looks better with a sweet capri or light-wash jean than a sweet little flat? I love these Emmie ballet flats by Lucky Brand. They’re an incredibly comfortable shoe, and a perennial favorite for me. They have a great polished, urbane look and come in stylish animal prints and bright colors.

If you’re more of a preppy type, I love this Bailynn flat from Charter Club. It’s a great shoe for a casual Friday at the office, or for the country club on the weekend.

Springtime means Easter, too. Even if you don’t celebrate this one yourself, it’s hard to resist the pastel pull of the big Bunny. And if you have kids, you’ll almost certainly be invited to an egg hunt. I’m still up in the air on my church shoes for this Easter. Will it be a strappy powder blue pump, or something in a lilac? I’ve found plenty of options to fall slightly in love with.

Right now, I’m leaning towards this Stuart Weitzman sandal. It’s a classic shape in a shade that flatters my skin tone. I also love this Diara sandal by Uniso is available in several sweet, springtime shades. The pale pink is very sweet, and the yellow reminds me of daffodils. This is a great pick for young ladies.

The Gella pump from Calvin Klein is so interesting to me, too. For me, it’s a great compromise between a strappy, heeled sandal and a more conservative pump.

Pumps, of course, have their place. They’re a great choice for women in the professional world. They travel well, from a day at the office to a night on the town. I love a well-made pump, and believe that every woman should have at least one in a great springtime shade.

The Lucie by J Crew is available in some very vibrant, spring-y colors. This can be a great pop of color for any wardrobe. These MK Flex kitten heel pumps by Michael Kors are another great option. Pumps are typically pretty safe, but there’s some room for fun with pumps, too. My wildcard pick in this category is this Charm pump by Bellini. This is such a sweet, feminine pump. It’s a real springtime treat.

Spring is the start of so many outdoor events, too. From my son’s baseball games to picnics in the park, I can’t wait to get outside in some lightweight footwear. I love an espadrille for casual, family time. These shoes are easy to walk and drive in. They come in plenty of colors and styles, from the more formal to the more casual.

This Beachcomber espadrille, available through J Crew, offers great preppy style with a twist. Something about it, maybe the dark solid color, says hipster on holiday to me. It’s a switch from the striped versions I traditionally associate with this type of shoe. Other great options include this Keds Glimmer slip-on. With my weakness for 80s preppy style, I love a traditional lace-up Keds shoe. I love this version in Coral.

As I’ve said, I just can’t wait for spring this year. Both for fashion reasons and personal ones. What are you going to be doing and wearing when the sun finally comes out and the grass turns green again? Do you agree with my shoe picks? Do you have any faves that I totally skipped over? Well, if so, you know the drill. Let me know in the comments below.

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