How to Wear Ugg with a Sexy Shoe Style

The Ugg trend began in the 1980s and saw a revival in the new millennium. The popularity of the sheepskin boots surged into a new trend of cozy comfortable clothes favored by globe trotting celebrities, stay at home mommies, and college coeds alike. Anyone who knows me personally, or has read a few entries on my blog, knows that I am a fan of sexy shoes. I don’t do frumpy. 

Frumpy isn’t a word associated with musical sensation Rhianna, either. She was spotted wearing Uggs in the airport in a relaxed outfit. Vogue also profiled her appearance in over-the-knee designer Uggs at a concert. These are only two examples of comfortable shoes being worn in with sexy shoe style. Let me be your guide to upgrading your style while wearing Ugg boots. 

Upgrade Uggs to Sexy Shoe Status

I can be comfortable and stylish in my cute shoes — even sheepskin boots. I know you can, too. There are two rules of thumb in rocking Uggs with a sexy shoe style. 

  • Find the style of Uggs that suit you. The range of Uggs available gives a lot of options. Boots with bling, buttons, sequins and bows are all a part of the Ugg collection.
  • Second, employ the cardinal rule of my sexy shoe philosophy: it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.

Now, let’s take a peak at a few styles of Ugg boots and stylish ways to wear them. 

Bohemian Chic with a (Sexy Shoe) Twist

Bohemian style is an effortless look of flowing fabrics and nature-inspired prints. It is reminiscent of a well traveled gypsy with influences from the folk art of several cultures. Embroidered embellishments and tufts of shearling trim are two trademarks of bohemian chic style. 

The shaft height and embroidered trim in the Sundance Revival ooze bohemian chic. This boot can look great with many outfits. Add black leggings and a slim fit turtleneck top for a chic apres ski style. 

Wear the Sundance boot with earth tone tights or tribal print leggings. Add a chunky sweater to balance in an earth tone. 

Sexy Shoe Tied Up with Ugg Bows

Classic Ugg boots never restrictive zippers or laces. Instead, they use buttons or bows as closures. Ugg has a healthy range of boots that feature bows. Here are a few of my favorite choices. 

The mini twist boot is versatile and a very cute shoe. The contrasting tufts of shearling outline the bow and add a flirtatious element to the conservative shoe. These twist boots are a sexy shoe replacement for sneakers. Skinny jeans tuck into the shoes well and help transform an ordinary outfit with sexy shoes as the ultimate accessory. An alternative that can give the same effect is the mini bow

Beyond Neutrals: Wear The Rainbow

Seashell pastel pink with glitter striped bows in an 8″ shaft height shortie boot is classic cute shoe. In the dreary grey days of winter, these pretty pastel boots add a pop of pretty. Partner them with thick tights in a bold shade of red or pink. Feeling preppy? Pair these pink boots with green leggings, tights, or jeans. Then add a plaid or Brenton top to rock a preppy style with a sexy twist. 

Glow in Gold Glitter

Metallic is an eye catching neutral. These mini sequin bow boots in gold shimmer are the ultimate in sexy shoe comfort. You won’t look frumpy in these. Add them to your favorite jean skirt and layered top combo for a relaxed casual look with a sexy shoe twist. 


Satin and Bows in Classic Black: The Ultimate in Ugg Sexy Shoe

Black shearling, tall boot, with satin bows are the apex of sexiness in the Ugg line of cozy comfortable boots. These boots can be pairs with any pair of slim fit jeans, leggings, or tights. This style is the Ugg version of a little black dress, but in boots. Keep a pair of these in your shoe closet to add warmth and comfort on dreary days, while simultaneously amping up an otherwise plain outfit of jeans and a t-shirt. 


Never Underestimate the Power of Accessories

Ugg has a lot more to offer than boots. Want to sample the warm and comfy experience of Uggs without buying the boots? Try a pair of these socks. The two styles of over the boot socks are a brilliant boot accessory to add playfulness to any cute boot.

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