How to Wear Sneakers Fashionably

A while back, sneakers were reserved for running and the gym. Today, several types of sneakers match different attires in your wardrobe. You can have sneakers for going out with the girls, for going to your kids games, and when vacationing. Here is a guideline of how to wear sneakers fashionably.

The basics of wearing sneakers

  1. Let your sneakers match your current wardrobe

As explained below, there are a wide variety of sneakers in the market. Do not just pick the latest style if it does not match with the style of your wardrobe. The sneakers should complement your wardrobe and not cause you to make a full change.

2. Determine when to wear sneakers

Sneakers give you a sporty athletic look and do not substitute for your dress shoes. You can wear them with any casual dressing. However, carefully select the occasion to which you wear the sneakers. You better get overdressed than be under-dressed.

3. Maintain your sneakers

Your sneakers should always be clean. General maintenance includes cleaning the laces, brushing the outsole, dealing with odors and maintaining them in shape among others. Shoe trees can help you maintain the shape of your footwear.

Types of sneakers

  1. Low top sneakers

Low top sneakers are the most common sneakers. You may have worn them in your middle school and the college. These sneakers give you a rock or punkish look. They come in broad range of colors with white and black taking the biggest cut.

  1. The high top sneakers

These high top sneakers rise just above your ankles. They are great for the tights, legging and when you need to wear your socks without really showing them above the shoe.

  1. The trainer sneakers

The trainer sneakers are ideal for girls on the go. They are comfortable and flexible for a long walking duration. The most common color is black. There are many other colors and color mixes from which you can pick one.

  1. Embellished sneakers

Shoe manufacturers are giving sneakers a girlish feel by adding some beads, gems and floral details. You can pick a pair from a wide variety of available colors and walk out in style.

  1. Platforms

Platforms feature a thick rubber or gummy sole that gives your feet extra padding as you walk. They are ideal for those with back and foot problems, those looking for extra comfort and girls that want to look taller. The platforms also come in a variety of colors and designs.

  1. The slip-ons

This classic sneaker does away with the laces. Just slip-on and go. They come with all shades and fabrics including suede and mesh.

  1. Creepers

Creepers look more so like platforms only that they are made of leather. They give an official to a casual look and may work for your dress down weekends at the workplace.

  1. Modern styles

There are dozens of modern sneakers that may not fit in any of the above classes. They range from the Nike women’s Air Huarache sneakers, Nike Cortez sneakers, Nike Air Max, and Sketchers relaxed fit among others. Each brand has unique characteristics that are added t the sneakers.

Guidelines on how to wear sneakers fashionably

  1. When wearing with your jeans, let us see your ankle bones.

Cuff your pants at the ankles so that they of a perfect length for the sneakers to be noticed. If you do not want to keep folding your pants, cut them at the right height. The above the ankle bone pants and a pair of sneakers will not go unnoticed by your peers at the gathering. You can always wear your jeans with a matching color of sneakers, neutral, white or a contrasting color.

  1. Do not let them see the socks

Sneakers do not look good with long socks for most attire. It is better if you do not have them. However, for the sake of comfort especially if you are walking a lot or sweat a lot, look for low socks that do not show past the sneakers. You can also go for the high top sneakers if you need to wear a long pair of socks.

On the other hand, if you would like to wear tracksuits or lounge pants, you can wear your socks comfortably. You can mix and match the socks colors with those of the rest of the attire and look amazing.

  1. Think classic or go bold

Classic converse carries the day. You can wear them with literary everything casual in your wardrobe. The classic style still looks fashionable at any age. However, you can still make a statement with a bold, all-out look. Such colors as red, pink, green can still work well with any casual outfit.

Other bold colors include the leopard print, assortment of colors and printed sneakers. You may just need to match it with an accessory, or a top and you are good. In fact, women like you were made to celebrate colors.

  1. You can still look good with a dress or skirt

In contrast with the common myth, you can still look stylish with a dress or skirt and sneakers. An awesome knee length skirt will go well with a pair of neutral colored sneakers or some blue denim full-dress and green perforated sneakers.  During the summer season, your floral skirts will look good with a vast majority of your sneakers collection.

During the cold season, get your long coats and high top sneakers into full gear. You can wear the sneakers with any trench coat color combination and still look great. The duster length coat goes well with classic jeans and bulky sneakers. Just keep your low rider socks within reach to get warmer.

Sneakers are your all round casual footwear for your wardrobe. You can wear it with your favorite skinny pants, you midi dress, denim and any other casual attire. Just be sure to keep to the basics. First, keep your sneakers looking clean, avoid the fashion mistakes outlines above and explore more possibilities with your sneakers. Just bring in a new style of sneakers every time you go for a new pair.

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