How to Measure Heel Height

How To Measure Heel Height 

High heeled shoes are a staple in many women’s wardrobes. You will find women with several pairs of high heeled shoes with heels of differing heights. You may want to measure the heel height of your shoes out of mere curiosity, to know if the height is acceptable for comfort or good for wearing to a certain event. Luckily, you can measure the height of the heel of any shoe in a few minutes with just your tape measure. Here is how to measure a shoe’s heel height.

Measuring the Height

Get a tape measure, or your conventional school ruler, and place the shoe on a flat surface. A flat surface is important to help you get an accurate measurement of the heel. A table, desk or any other raised surface is typically better than the floor. This is because you will be required to bend down to the level of the flat surface. It may be tiring if you place the shoe on the floor.

Place the edge of the ruler just above the heel cap. In a straight line, extend the ruler upwards until it reaches the top of your shoe. Ensure that the measurement reaches the highest point of the shoe at the back of the heel.

Here are a few points to note:

  • The heel height is the length between the cap of the heel and the highest point of the heel.
  • The heel actually starts above the heel cap. However, you can measure the cap if you want to know how the heel affects the total height of the shoe.
Centimeters or Inches

If your country operates under the Imperial System, items are generally measured using inches. For countries that use the Metric System, you measure heel height in centimeters. You can use either of the measurements and then convert to the other using free online converters. This may be important, especially if you are purchasing a shoe and need to know the exact height of the heel required.

Interesting Height Fact

The heel height in one size of the shoe may be different from the heel height in various shoe sizes. When making shoes, the shoe companies start with the ideal size (which is US size 7) as the sample. Other sizes are made in relation to the sample size. The components of each shoe are enlarged or made smaller as a whole to ensure that the shoe does not look to be out of proportion.

Maximum Heel Height

It is good to determine the highest heel size you are comfortable with as it helps in the purchase of the footwear. Here is how you should do it.

  1. Determine the most comfortable feet position.

Get a stool or a chair where you can sit with your feet firmly on the floor. Then, extend one of your legs outward, straight ahead of you. Ensure that you feel comfortable when extending the foot. You can get to the most comfortable position by rolling your ankles several times, pointing the toes and then flexing them back and forth until you find the best-relaxed state of the foot.

  1. Measure the length from the ball of the foot to the heel.

You can have a friend measure your foot since it is difficult to get an accurate measurement on your own. The ball of the foot is the point where your foot bends and is the center of the foot. Your foot is usually padded between the arch and your toes. This measurement is the ideal maximum heel height for your shoe because when you walk on the heel, you balance your toes on the balls of your feet.

Alternatively, you can attach the tape to the wall and measure your foot. The edge of the tape measure should be at the point where the foot presses comfortably against the wall. Just as above, determine the distance between the bottom of the foot and the ball of the foot. If you can’t see the measurement, you can use your smartphone or camera placed on the side to take a short clip of the measurements to help determine the exact length of the foot.

Comfortable Heel Height

The most comfortable heel height depends on several factors, including the overall health of the body, your weight, and your height among others. While holding the other aspects constant, here is how to determine your healthiest heel height.

  1. Measure the entire length of the foot.

Determine the length of the foot from the end of your sole to the tip of the big toe. You can measure this by resting your foot on a raised surface and measuring with a ruler or a tape measure. You can also ask a friend to help you measure the length.

  1. Divide the length by Seven.

Take the measurement obtained above and divide it by seven; for example, if the size of the foot is 28cm, then (28/7) = 4. The resulting number is your most comfortable heel height. Generally, the result is four cm and below (unless you have a foot larger than size 11). Health experts recommend wearing a shoe with a heel of not more than four cm on a daily basis. You can wear one with a higher heel but only on special occasions to prevent damaging your foot and calf muscles.

Always wear a heel that feels comfortable while walking. The calculations above are just a guide. Your body sends a signal as to whether you are comfortable or not. Unlike the common myth, flat does not always equal comfort. Some people experience discomfort when they wear shoes with heels of less than two inches. Others can go as low as one-inch heel ballet shoes.

It is also good to vary heel heights from day to day. It can lower the instances of sore feet and muscle aches. Different heel heights also depict different styles, and different heights work well with different types of attire in your wardrobe. Vary your shoe heel heights and bring out the best in yourself!

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