Review: Hell & Heel Clear Lace up Diamante Heels

Spice up Your Evening Wear with These Classic Heels

A brand new pair of classy heels is without a doubt a perfect way to add some excitement into any woman’s evening wear. Let’s agree on one thing; we cannot afford to overlook the importance of our image and we are always looking for fun and chic accessories for our evening wear. We all want to keep up with the trend and more so, by our shoes.

Did you know studies in psychology suggest that every time we look at someone’s appearance, their footwear is what we go for first. Well, now you know. In fact, shoes not only draws attention to us but also defines the style of our closet. Every woman knows this pretty well and will give everything to own the best pair of heels.

Hell & Heel Clear Lace up Diamante Heels Review

If you adore coming out confidently and drawing all eyes to you, this pair of heels will help you get all the attention. If you are quiet shy, they could come across as a little too much compared to other modern heels but a little attention for a night won’t hurt. Get this pair and hit that night out with your friends or wedding confidently.


You do not want to invest in shoes you will not put on for long due to comfort. While you may be ready to toughen up in tight shoes for some time for the looks, this heel solves all that for you. It feels comfortable on your feet for extended wear. The faux leather construction offers you flexibility as well as durability for confident wear without worrying about replacing it.

Forget about your heel digging into the ground and wobbling on uneven surfaces. The Diamante heels feature a block-shaped heel to allow you to walk on any surface comfortably. You will also love the narrow gap between the heel and the shoe that ensures you do not get stuck when climbing fiddly steps.

When it comes to heels, nothing guarantees maximum comfort like a perfect fit. This pair features a lace-up system to enable you to fit the shoe snuggly as per your preference. Remember this is not a feature you will get in most modern shoes, making these heels a definite add to your wardrobe for the extra coziness. The clear barely there strap also adds to your feet’s comfort.

The open toe shape makes this heel perfect for warm weather meaning it is your to-go-to show during summer. Rock them with your sundress to any special occasion in summer for a sophisticated look.


When it comes to spicing up your evening, let’s agree style is a must. The Hell&Heel Clear Lace up Diamante Heel will become a favorite when selecting your evening wear. The glitzy heel with a clear barely there straps not only adds to your style but also gives you a unique look from anyone at the party.

You will also love that it offers four color options for your selection. You can go with the nude and black colors and rock with any outfit in your wardrobe effortlessly or the rose gold and turquoise multi snake if you are bold enough to come out in color.

Would I Recommend Them?

If you want a pair of shoes that make a statement, you will have to invest a lot more. These heels might be a bit pricey, but its quality and chic look makes it worth the price. You will be happy to know that it is cheaper than most leather boots available on the market.

This pair is a perfect addition to the wardrobe of any classy woman. We love that it easily blends with what you already have in your closet thanks to the multiple color options. Whether you decide to pair it with a little black dress, a pair of jeans or a colorful dress, it compliments all of them. The multiple color options also makes it easy for you to find one that you like making your selection stress-free.

You might also want to rock these heels to special events and major parties as opposed to everyday casual wear. We love that they blend perfectly with white dresses and would work fine for weddings. Although a comfortable pair of heels, we do not recommend them for whole day events as you may feel a little discomfort.

Lastly, we recommend them for summer footwear. The open toe shape will keep your feet fresh throughout.

Final Thoughts:

Hell&Heel is not a new brand when it comes to trendy footwear for strong and confident women. We all love a little attention and mostly those drawn by our outfit. The Hell&Heel Clear Lace up Diamante Heels were designed with you in mind. From a stylish way to rock that party to a comfortable shoe to put on to a night out with your friends, the heel has it all. Say goodbye to boring evenings with the shiny look, diamante block heel, and chic look.

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