Fashion 101: All about Wedge Shoes for Women

Girl, we’ve all been in that place. Where we want to add some height but we don’t want to teeter-totter on some 4″ stiletto heel for hours at a time. The wedge is the answer. Summer, in particular, is a great time for the wedge. You can wear a wedge at a picnic, your kid’s little league game, and to a summer concert. It’s not exactly beach-friendly (sand is not conducive to any heel) but that’s basically the only place you can’t take it.

The great thing about the wedge is its versatility. A wedge heel extends for the whole length of the shoe; it’s like part of the sole. This style gives you both height and stability. It can be made in sandal, pump and even sneaker styles. This is a look you can take almost anywhere with great results.

Crown Vintage Sandals

For summer, my favorite wedge type is the sandal. You’ve got the espadrille look, the contemporary look and the classic look to choose from. This classic Crown Vintage sandal comes in flattering neutral shades, and the stacked heel looks amazing. The criss-crossed leather straps add a little hint of sex appeal without giving too much away. The peep toe is a great way to show off a pedicure. I like to pair this type of sandal with a capri length jean. It’s a great look for being out and about at the mall or the movies with my fiancé and my son.

 Alinda Espadrille Wedge

Another style I love is this multi-colored Alinda espadrille wedge from Jessica Simpson. The thing I love about an espadrille is texture. That braided straw look around the base just does it for me. You know the old saying; you gotta take the smooth with the rough? I think that hint of roughness makes the rest of my smoothness and femininity stand out more.

This sandal not only has that woven look going on. It’s also embellished with silver studs and multicolored fabric. The colors look great with my skin tone and add a blast of visual interest to the rest of my look. I love to pair this sandal with a black maxi dress for a night out with the girls. It reminds me of Jazz, the Hollywood Bowl, and just sipping on some rosé. Espadrille wedges are my go-to sharp casual look.

Malorie Wedge Sandals

A wedge sandal can go even more high-end, like this Malorie sandal from Badgley Mischka. When I was pregnant with my son, this is the type of shoe I wore to more formal summertime events, like weddings and graduations. The heel of a wedge is so comfortable. And a sandal like this really brings the glamour with all that sparkle on the toe, and that sexy ankle strap. I love that this sandal is available in different shades, too. I think the latter is something that works great with my skin tone. It complements it and highlights the richness. For me, the ivory is just too much contrast.

Tali Grand Wedge Pump

This Tali Grand wedge pump by Cole Haan is my day-to-day pick for all you petite ladies out there. I may be tall, and I love what heels do for my legs, but I’m sometimes comfortable with a flat. Now, one of my cousins is just over 5 feet tall. She loves a wedge pump because it’s demure, easy to move in, and gives her that little boost. She hates a demure ballet flat; because she thinks she looks like a fifth grader when she wears one.

The wedge pump gives her great calves and ankles, and adds a couple extra inches. This is also a great style for someone who’s gotta buzz around a lot, on the sidewalk, in the office or at home. (Have you ever caught your heel in one of those grates in the sidewalk in New York City? Girl, it happened to me. I was a lowly fashion mag intern, and a snapped off heel is not the look!) If you’re a busy lady, learning the way of the wedge pump is a great idea.

Kyra Wedge Sneaker

The last type of wedge I’ll address is the wedge sneaker. I first remember seeing the wedge sneaker about five years ago. And at the time, all I could think was, “Oh, HELL no!” But while it’s not a look for me, I know some more petite ladies who live and die by them. I’m happy to see that they’ve come a long way over the past few years. This Kyra wedge sneaker by Steve Madden is positively cute. It’s something I might wear to a ballgame with my fiancé if we had a big height difference.

Do you have a favorite wedge? What’s your favorite feature? Let me know below, in the comments!

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