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Fall is Here: The Season for SPARKLE


Girl, it is September. The leaves are changing colors in New York. It’s 100 degrees in LA. It’s also getting to be that time of year any fashionista lives for. We’re entering the season for charity balls and awards shoes. All these galas mean serious SHOES. We’ve all heard about the shoe that got thrown during Nicki and Cardi’s NY Fashion Week fight. Honestly, that strappy, red, sky-high sandal is the most interesting thing about the story to me. (Hold it together, ladies, you’re supposed to be grown!) But even at more sedate gatherings, there are plenty of stellar shoes to be seen.

It’s really the season to be out and be seen in SoCal. The chi-chi suburb of San Marino played host to the Huntington Ball just recently. That’s where all that old Pasadena money gathers to dance the night away. There were some divine, sparkling silver shoes on display and even a true Cinderella-style gown. In LA proper, the Emmys are underway, with technical categories being awarded on the 8th. (I did not get a great look at the shoes. The GoT boys were in their kilts. The only thing I love more than shoes may be a manly, rough-hewn calf muscle. Mmm.) Held downtown at LA Live, the Emmys are TV’s biggest night.

And, of course, on the East Coast, we’ve had a dramatic NY Fashion Week. Rihanna’s Diamond Ball is right around the corner, too. I can’t wait to see what she does, and who’s invited, this year. So what are the hottest trends in shoes at these events? What have we seen so far, and what can we expect to be dazzled by? There are some truly stunning shoes making there way down catwalks and onto dance floors this season. Let’s take a look at some of the very best.

Those silver shoes at the West Coast parties really made me catch my breath. I love the shiny, full-on metallic silver of this Gayle pump by Calvin Klein. Look at the reflection coming off it! It’s available in an assortment of other colors, too. Now, I know I’ve said that sometimes Calvin leaves me cold. He is always focused on the basics. But the Gayle is a reminder that basic doesn’t have to be an insult. Basics are the workhorses of your wardrobe. This shoe will look great with a drapey pantsuit or a gown for years to come. In other words, basic can double as timeless. This Sabine II by Badgley Mischka is a great pick, too, for those who prefer a more embellished look.

The red missile that Cardi launched at Nicki was so on-trend and of-the-moment. I’ve been writing about red for Fall/Winter for a minute, now, but this trend is still going strong. My most heart-stopping, strappy red shoe of the moment is this Satin Sandal with Embroidery from Dolce & Gabbana. Is the flower a bit much? Yes. But girl, we’re talking balls and galas, here. Go big or go home! This is a simply divine pick for a garden party or outdoor event. For those of us whose invitations got lost in the mail, I say throw your own party. Serve drinks on the roof of your building or something. Consider wearing a more budget-friendly red shoe, like this [easyazon_link identifier=”B0797Z57K1″ locale=”US” tag=”mysexyshoereview-20″]Thick Ankle Strap Platform Pump by Cambridge Select[/easyazon_link]. The platform provides you some extra height, and the combination of a peep-toe with an ankle-strap gives me life.

I also noticed everywhere I look it’s like I’m seeing plaids. This trend will only get stronger and stronger as we head into winter. That plaid print just makes you think of a warm flannel shirt or fleece blanket, doesn’t it? It’s just so Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, and I can’t get enough of it during the colder months. Of course, when it comes to the runway, they take those prints in a very sexy direction. Take, for example, this Cheshire Ruffle sandal by Jeffrey Campbell. It’s like something Duchess Meghan could wear to Balmoral for the holidays with the Queen. I love this low, kitten-heeled Bohme pump. It’s great for a low-key event where you can wear a pantsuit. Something easy to walk in like this is also a great choice for outdoor events where it will be dark. I one almost took a header into a scenic rock wall when leaving a spectacular garden party. There is no judgement from me when it comes to wearing low heels, or wearing Fast Flats as you carry your statement shoes out the door.

Finally, a big party almost always demands some embellishment. Check out these 80s-inspired Slash Heel pumps by Balenciaga. It’s like it stepped out of a Duran Duran music video! That angled heel is so dramatic, and all that bling speaks for itself. It’s so over the top, it reminds me of a production of Swan Lake. This is something you wear to an EVENT, something for when you want to look extra! Givenchy is making a crazy Sling Back pump, too, with studs. It’s very angular and sexy. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a punk-inspired, budget-friendly pump like the Daisie by Steve Madden, either. All of these shoes will really bring a slice of attitude to any appearance you make.

What are you going to wear to the biggest parties on your calendar this season? Who and what do you expect to see at the Diamond Ball? Let’s have a little chat in the comments below!

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