Casual Shoes For The Summer

Summer is the time of year when we all get to breathe a little bit easier. There’s no school, and it’s when most adults take a vacation. It’s a time for rest and relaxation. Summer is the season of baseball games, long walks on the beach, and it’s the best time of year for a cookout. Even the parties during the summer season are a little bit more casual than the galas of the winter months.

Summer is the time of year for casual footwear.

Now, you know me. My style is high drama and high fashion. I love a dramatic heel, be it a stiletto or a platform. I love a sexy strappy look on my ankles and even wound up to my knees. But even I know that most people aren’t like me.

Most people want a shoe that looks nice, yes. But a big part of their purchasing decisions is comfort. To be honest, I myself like a comfy shoe, too. I have a son and I used to spend hours a week in those cold metal bleachers at Little League games.

So today, I am bringing you my most favorite casual shoes. These picks are designed for comfort and style this summer season. From the boardwalk to the boardroom to the cookout, these picks will have you looking and feeling great all summer long. This is a season where function doesn’t have to take a backseat to form.

One of my favorite casual shoe for summer is the Women’s Superstar by Adidas. This is a classic casual street-wear shoe. Originally introduced as a basketball shoe, it doesn’t have quite the right support or structure to be used that way today. But with the classic clamshell toe, it tells everyone who sees you that you know how to pick a classic set of kicks.

This is a great shoe for moms of little ones. They can stand up to a lot of wear and tear, and you can run in them if you have to. I love the color combinations that are available, too. From neutral white and black to my favorite white and pink, there’s something here for any personality. I love the more delicate, feminine shades myself.

For something a little more classy and fashion-forward, I love these Basketweave d’Orsay flats from J. Crew Factory. These are upscale, great-looking and comfortable. They are a little sexier than some of the other casual shoes out there. They show a little skin.

I especially love the little braiding detail in the arch area. Those little details are one great way to tell good craftsmanship from bad. These sandals are available in shiny gold and neutral tan. They’re a great pick for a weekend getaway with your partner, and can work on a casual Friday at the office, too.

It wouldn’t be summer without an espadrille or two, either. My picks for this summer include this Jensen sandal by Splendid. Now, there are plenty of things to love about this look. It’s a great neutral shade, navy blue. It has an easy velcro closure, making it a great choice for older ladies and anyone with a disability.

It has great natural fibers along the base. The platform construction adds a little bit of height, but it’s still easy to walk in. All in all, I think this sandal does it all. Is it a super sexy sandal pick? No. But it does allow you to show off your pedicure with that little peep toe, at least.

Finally, as an auntie, I well know that summer is the season for internships. If you’re a high school or college student starting on your career path this summer, I’d like to congratulate you. Office wear can be a challenge when you’re a teen. You want to look and feel like yourself, but you also have to adhere to the wardrobe standards at your place of employment.

For young women, I love choices like this Ellie flat by American Rag for Macy’s. These are comfortable, timeless and very affordable. Another pick I really love for anyone who has to be on her feet all day is this Dr. Scholl’s Anyways slip-on. It has the look of a classic loafer, and it’s very comfortable. This is a great, affordable take on a classic type of shoe.

Finally, I’m starting to hear from more and more vegans. I know you all have it the worst when it comes to finding affordable, durable, cute shoes. Since we’re talking about casual shoes today, let me introduce you to one of the vegan options from Tom’s shoes. These Clemente slip-ons are cute, comfy, cruelty-free and socially-minded. They’ve even got an Ortholite insole. It’s made for comfort and it’ll never make you feel weighed down.

What are you ladies wearing these days to stay comfortable?

I love this time of year. It’s when we all really get to show our personalities, from people like me who love high fashion to people who love simplicity. Summer to me is a time of essentials. I love shoes that help me to feel the sun on my feet and the sand through my toes. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below. Next week, we’ll be back to high drama and high fashion once again!

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