Best Women’s Workout Shoes for Summer

One of the best things about summer is that it’s a great time to get outdoors. And one of the greatest things about good weather is that it becomes very, very easy to work out. As for me, I love to jog. Usually I’m on my treadmill at some odd time of day, but I make it a point to make time for events like Homeboy’s annual 5k.

My fiance is more outdoorsy. He’s a hiker, a boater and a swimmer. My son played little league baseball for years, but these days he’s getting more into playground basketball.

We’ve all got different footwear needs when it comes to our sports of choice. Luckily, athletic footwear is more developed than ever before. There’s a ton of research, development and expert-level design going into today’s sneakers and other sporting footwear.

Whatever your sport is, there’s something that will look great and provide you with great support, too.

This summer, I’m doing my running in the ASICS GEL-Nimbus 21. I love the way this shoe fits. For me, it’s just like it cradles my foot. I always feel supported no matter how tough the terrain gets under my feet. This shoe is made with innovative lightweight materials like FlyteFoam and FluidFit mesh.

I love the pink and white colorway, it reminds me of the bright colors that were popular when I was a kid in the 1990s. These running shoes are a little pricey, but since I run so much I view them as an investment. They help me keep good form and I get hundreds of miles out of these sneakers before I need to trade them in for a new pair.

The GEL-Contend 4 is a more traditional feeling ASICS shoe, and has a more budget-friendly price point. This shoe is a big hit with people who are ASICS brand loyalists. It hearkens back to the same design principles they were using in the late 1990s. Though I love a lighter-weight shoe, some people like something that feels a little heftier.

This is especially true for people who do more outdoor running than I do. I love the GEL-Contend 4 for a trail runner who has more of a weekend warrior type training plan. I try to do 30 or 40 miles a week, so I prefer something that’s just a bit lighter. Other running shoes I love for this summer include the Duramo 9 by Adidas. I especially love that peachy pink shade.

The summer months are a big time for other sports, too. If your sport is tennis, I’ve got some great picks for court shoes for you. The Nike Air Max Wildcard is a sleek, streamlined shoe. It’s minimalist, but not mousy. Those pink and royal blue accents really add a hint of flair. There’s ample cushioning in the heel, making it easy to change direction quickly and charge the net without developing blisters.

The upper is constructed out of one piece of cloth, so that it can fit the foot perfectly. The outsole includes great crashpad construction that absorbs shock well. I also love the Aero Court by K-Swiss. It’s got great specs for the sport, and has a classic preppy 80s pastel look.

Golf is a sport that my mother has discovered in a big way since she retired. Now, my mother is a hard-working woman. She had two jobs even after her official retirement from the post office. Last year, she finally cut back to just one and started collecting her Social Security. That leaves lots of time for golf courses.

My pick for a golf shoe is something a little more modern. I love the Adidas Adipure Sport 2.0. I love the red and white color scheme, and it’s so lightweight. Golf will never be my favorite outdoor activity, but these shoes help me feel great on the days when I get out on the course with my very competitive mother. If I had to pick a more traditional looking shoe, I’d go with something that puts a twist on a classic. I love this black and pink Biion brogue.

She lives in the Northeast, where there are some great public courses. Of course, her new dream is to live in a golf course community in a warmer state like Florida. Her shoe of the summer is the FootJoy DryJoys. Now, this is not the golf shoe I would choose. It’s a little too saddle shoe for me. But this looks like the golf shoes people wore when Mom was a kid. This gives her the warm fuzzies the same way the 80s pastel thing makes me feel at home.

Biion makes great boat shoes, too. My fiance loves their Navy & Green Yellow shoe. I wish he’d go with something a little more fun, like the Anchor.

For myself, I love the Dorado PFG shoe by Columbia. It looks almost like one of my beloved Keds, but it’s also treated to resist all the water, salt, flotsam and jetsam that can come with being on a boat.

For walks around Dana Point, my LL Bean Sunwashed Canvas Sneakers are still a big favorite. They’re just such a classic look!

What do you do as a workout? What, if any, footwear do you wear when working out? I have to admit, when I get to the register with my pricey running shoes, I do think about switching to yoga. As always, let’s chat it out in the comments below! If you are in the market for some great work out shoe be sure to check out the sneaker section in our shop.

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