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Review: Women’s Adidas Adilette Comfort Slide Sandals

Have you ever experienced those days where you just finished a good workout and your feet are screaming at you for comfort and support? We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, especially those of us who workout regularly. However, a mean workout isn’t the only activity that can get your feet crying […]

New York Fashion Week Has Arrived! Inspiring some Amazing Shoe Fashion Trends!

New York Fashion Week is here, and I’m on the East Coast, drinking it all in. There’s all kinds of craziness going on over here. Fashion Week is designed to be basically a trade fair. Not that it isn’t also a spectator sport in our current media age. The reason for being, however, is the […]

Nike and Its All Time Famous Shoes

The famous footwear brand, known, as Nike Inc. was founded January 25, 1964, by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. What started out as “Blue Ribbon Sports” became Nike on May 30, 1978, when a coworker of Phil’s, Jeff Johnson suggested naming it after the Greek goddess of victory. Nike is famous for it’s “Just Do […]

6 of My Favorite Rihanna Fenty PUMA Shoes

In 2014, PUMA began a major rebranding project and needed a new face to embody the “new sport with attitude” directive. Although they had many names being thrown at them, according to PUMA’s global director Adam Petrick, none of them made any sense until their search was expanded to the entertainment industry and it became […]

7 Stylish Zipper Sneakers that Stand Out Among the Rest

We all love wearing our sneakers mostly for the comfort they provide. In the past, old school sneakers were called “gym shoes” since they were used mainly just for play and there weren’t many styles or colors to choose from, not to mention they were also very affordable. Over the years, the way we wear […]

10 of the Hottest, Sexiest Club Shoes for Ladies

There’s nothing like getting all dressed up in style and going clubbing with friends. You finally get a chance to wear those hot, sexy club shoes for ladies that you been dying to wear, but had yet to go anywhere that they would be appropriate for… until now. Have you noticed that ladies club shoes […]

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