8 Stylish Ways to Wear High Heels with Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are quite trendy. They are a favorite because women can wear them on any season or for any occasion.  However, after shopping for the perfect pair of skinnies, most women struggle to find the right heels to pair them with.

Do you struggle to find the right high heels for your skinny jeans?  We understand that the wrong footwear can bring down an outfit. For this reason, we have done the legwork and compiled the best high heels for skinny jeans. Read on and discover 8 high heels you can wear with your skinny jeans and look stylish.

  1. Ankle strap heels

The ankle strap heels with cap-toe structure are a variation of the pump. These shoes come in various stunning colors with different patterns. When you pair ankle strap heels with skinny jeans, make sure to cuff them up to show off your ankles. This look is perfect for a date out with your girlfriends.

  1. Stilettos

stilettos with skinny jeansNow, stilettos are the Holy Grail in a woman’s shoe world. They are a must-have, and every classic girl owns a pair. These shoes are elevated 4 to 6 inches and are designed to highlight the curve of your ankle. This type of footwear coupled with skinny jeans is a perfect pick for office or party wear.

  1. Classic pumps

classic pumps with skinny jeansDo you find stilettos too high for your liking? Well, the good news is you can still look sexy when you wear your skinny jeans with pumps. Usually, classic pumps heels measure up to 4 inches while the front is lower compared to the stilettos front.

Pumps may look plain, but when paired with slim-fitting jeans, the outcome is stunning. For a relaxed look, pair your jeans with kitten heel pumps or chunky heeled pumps.

  1. Wedges

wedges with skinny jeansIf you are the kind of chic girl who adores heels but finds it hard to balance on those 4-inch pumps, then wedges are for you. However, it is worth noting that not all wedges can look awesome with tight jeans, especially wedges that do not take the frame of the feet.

Your skinnies will look best when paired with platforms that have the following characteristics:

  • The toe shape should be slightly pointed.
  • The front should be lower compared to the heel.
  • Wedges with an inward curving of the heels.
  1. High heeled sandals

high heeled sandals with skinny jeansThis footwear looks spectacular with fitting jeans. For a casual look, we recommend that you wear white sandals or neutral shades. For a fierce, classic look, we recommend black high heeled sandals.

Avoid brightly colored sandals; they will make you look trashy instead of stylish. But if you believe you can pull off a look with brightly colored shoes, then go for it. But, we recommend you stick with classic colors only.

  1. Pointy toe heels

pointy toe heels with skinny jeansIf you desire a classic, and sexy look, you should pair your skinny jeans with pointy toe heels. These shoes are designed to elongate your legs and extend the narrow look of the jeans from the waist to your toes. You can opt for shoes with longer points or shortened points. Pointy-toed high heels are an ideal match for skinny-leg jeans.

  1. Strappy heels

strappy heels with skinny jeansTired of wedges and pumps? Are you up for a new look? We got you covered. In our search for the perfect heels for an incredible look with skinny jeans, we came across strappy heels. Women prefer these shoes because they have more style than pumps and reveal their fun-loving side.

  1. Ankle boots

ankle boots with skinny jeansBooties are trendy for dressier outfits and casual wear. But, just like wedges, you may find it challenging to wear with your slim-fitting jeans. If you wear the wrong booties, you end up looking clunky.

For the perfect fashionable boots, pick booties with pointed toe shape and that fit perfectly around your ankles.

What high heels to avoid when wearing your skinny jeans

This guide would be incomplete if we didn’t mention the type of heels that don’t pair well with skinny heels.

Please avoid the following heels:

  • Avoid brightly colored high-heeled sandals.
  • Skip square-toed and round-toed heels.
  • Do not wear booties with wide tops.
  • Avoid creepers and Birkenstocks
  • Avoid wedges with a straight, blocky heel (see the section on wedges to pick the right pair)

Women who avoid wearing skinny jeans do so because they think their legs will look stumpy. But, your feet can only look stumpy if you wear your skinnies with the wrong shoes. The idea is to wear your outfit with heels that make you look taller, leaner, and sexier.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and I wish you luck in picking the right type of heels to wear with your skinny jeans.  As always I look forward to hearing from you, let me know what you think, what’s your favorite heel to wear with skinny jeans. And, before you leave be sure to checkout our other great articles, shoe shop, sexy shoe reviews.

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