8 of the Best Colorful Chunky Sneakers for the Lowest Prices

They say laugh and the world will laugh with you, well the same goes for shoes if you wear them “well,” everyone will want to wear them “as well”. Right now colorful, chunky sneakers are trending. People seem to like that big chunky look on their feet and the colors really bring them out. What I like most about these chunky shoes are the new styles they are coming out with. You know the ones that are brightly colored and fit so snug on your feet, it feels great walking around in them.

Chunky soles began trending in 2018 and they are currently on the rise again. This trend will most likely continue captivating throughout 2019 with enhanced shoes from as early as the 00s, Chunky 90s Vibe Runners, and modern hybrids such as the newly released Asics GEL-Kayano 5, and the Nike Zoom 2K, Falcon Adidas Originals.

If you want to know where to buy colorful, chunky sneakers you came to the right place. I have already found 8 of the best colorful chunky sneakers for the lowest prices

We will start at Shiekh…

1. Tangerine-02 platform Sneakers Multi

It’s time to add some color with pizazz into your wardrobe with these stylish chunky Tangerine Platform Sneakers. The wild, colorful prints will make you stand out among the rest no matter where you go. Wear them at school, at work, to play in, or to party and be the life of the crowd. These chunky sneakers have synthetic uppers, rubber outsoles, and shoelace closures sold at a price you just can’t beat.

2. Women’s Peach Sneaker Sandals Multi

Be brave, bold, and bashful with these multi-colored women’s Peach chunky sandals. Wear them with shorts on picnics and outings or wear them with a skirt at parties or clubs. They also go well with knickers, doesn’t matter what color they are, these will go well with anything. Made with synthetic uppers, rubber outsoles, and Delrin clip buckles. Now anyone can afford to wear the latest styles.

3. Logan-01 Platform Sneakers Multi

Are you a person who loves to have fun? Then you will get along great with these platform chunky sneakers designed to bring out the fun in you. Walk in wearing these chunky shoes and all heads will turn your way. You just got to love the zebra style trim these shoes are detailed with. These platform chunks of style are made with synthetic uppers, rubber outsoles, and shoelace closures in multi-colored patterns. And, they are sold at an out of this world price.

4. Cranberry-01 Sneakers

Women’s Cranberry-01 chunky sneakers will take you where you want to go in style. You will love these chunky shoes so much that you will wear them out. They go, especially well with dark blue jeans and even better with a long jean skirt. You can also pair these chunky sneakers with a leather dress or skirt, again, it doesn’t matter what color they are, anything goes. These trending platform sneakers are made with synthetic, suede, mesh uppers, rubber outsoles, and shoelace closures.

5. Oval-01 Platform Sneakers Black

Style these Oval-01 platform black chunky sneakers when hanging out with your friends. These chunky shoes show that you are not shy and express your stylish character. How about wearing these with A yellow or green neon colored skirt, or a nice pair of beige or black hiking shorts? These are so comfortable you can walk 10 miles in them and still be able to go. They are made with synthetic uppers, rubber outsoles, and shoelace closures. Talk about affordable, where can you buy platform chunky sneakers at a low price like this?

Shein is another great place to get chunky shoes

6. Colorblock Lace-Up Chunky Sneakers

When I first saw the price of these shoes I thought I died and went to Heaven, they are used, or someone made a big boo-boo. It turns out I was kind of right the first time I am in Heaven while dying for these chunky shoes. They are not used, and no mistake was made, these chunky sneakers are very low priced. Who wouldn’t get them at this price, so I bought ten pairs since you never know when something will come up that will require giving a friend a gift. I couldn’t wait so I gave them out as early Christmas gifts. These chunky style platform sneakers are multicolor lace-ups with chunky platform heels and mesh linings. They are made with rubber soles and PU upper material designed especially for spring and fall wear at a price to die for.

7. Rainbow Lace-Up Chunky Sneakers

Now there’s something you don’t see every day, a chunky style sneaker with a rainbow on it, I guess that makes the one wearing these, the pot of gold. These are lace-up style chunky platform shoes with white heels, mesh lining, rubber outsoles, and suede uppers. And, I wouldn’t tell anybody how much you paid for these as they might think you are crazy and have you committed.

8. Lace-Up Front Flatform Chunky Sole Trainers

These may not be multi-colored but they are pink, which most girls love, but the real kicker is, I have seen these same shoes selling in other stores for $198, no joke. I’m thinking they probably made a mistake on the price, so before they figure that out or sell out, you better hurry it up and go get you a pair. They are platform chunky shoes made with lace-ups, mesh lining, rubber outsoles, PU uppers, and are round toe. Grab them before the price goes up as they are almost too cheap to believe.

So what do you think, would you rock a pair of these awesome chunky shoes, do already have a pair in your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below. Also, let me know if you enjoyed my list, what shoe would you have included or omitted. Looking forward to hearing from you, in the meantime be sure to check out Donesia’s latest review:  Susanny High Heel Platform Knight Martin Boots.

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