7 Stylish Zipper Sneakers that Stand Out Among the Rest

We all love wearing our sneakers mostly for the comfort they provide. In the past, old school sneakers were called “gym shoes” since they were used mainly just for play and there weren’t many styles or colors to choose from, not to mention they were also very affordable.

Over the years, the way we wear sneakers and what we wear them with has changed. New styles and colors began to emerge with different brands that gave us different styles of:

High Tops | Nike’s | Air Jordan’s | Air Max | Reeboks | New Balance | Pumas | Vans | Adidas | Converse | Cross Trainers | Athletic Kicks

I’m sure you can think of many more.

Today, some still call them gym shoes, but sneakers are not just for play anymore. Styles have gone from plain and simple to classy and elegant with the addition of lace, jewels, zippers, and other embellishments.

One style that has been on the rise of popularity for quite some time is, “zipper sneakers” where the beauty is in the zipper. A sneaker can have many different additions, but there is just something about a zipper that changes everything about it. Maybe it’s just the stylish look a zipper adds to a shoe or the snug fit it provides when zipped up.

Some shoe designers add zippers to sneakers just to deck them out with an impressive, sophisticated look, where others use zippers in place of laces or Velcro to hold it together, which still adds a sleek, stylish finish.

While viewing numerous styles of zipper sneakers on Amazon, there were certain styles that caught my eye as they just stood out from the rest, which I am going to share with you in this article.

Here are my 7 Top Zipper Sneaker Picks:

7. Forever Link Glitter Fashion High Top Zipper & Lace-up Wedge Sneakers

If you’re like me and love that flashy feet look, you are going to love these shoes. They are imported, with rubber soles. The platform measures approximately .25-inches and the shafts, around 6.25-inches from the arch.

These are rose gold, but they also come in rose gold Peggy-44, gold, silver, silver Peggy-44, and black. An essential addition to your shoe collection that offers endless fashion opportunities at a price practically anyone can afford.

6. Black Ta Sports Running Thick Hidden Bottom Platform Zipper Sneakers

Don’t you just love these stunning black zipper shoes for women or men? They are skin friendly, strap sneakers with waterproof uppers, made of PU synthetic leather, and TPR, non-slip soles for maximum safety.

Also, the toe caps are anti-collision, to protect you from rocks or other hard objects while walking.

The elastic hook, band, and loop design make these shoes easy to put on, wear, and take off. They can be worn to the gym, at work, or in class; when running, to go hiking, for playing, or even to go dancing. They also come in red.

5. Cambridge Select Fashion Lace-Up Sneaker Wedge

Aren’t these adorable? They are imported, synthetic easy on/off shoes with 2.5-inch wedge heels and they are also vegan. Enjoy the combination of comfort and style with a padded collar and footbed that allows you to wear them all day at work and at play.

In addition, there are many colors to choose from such as dusty pink, blue jean, camel leopard, olive, red, taupe, brown pu, burgundy, black, tan, brown, tan pu, black pu, and black patent pu.

4. Forever Link Shea-42 Fashion Wedge Zipper Sneakers

I fell in love with these babies instantly. These zipper shoes are imported and made with 4 different textured synthetic materials. They provide both lace-up and zippers on each side for a snug fit with 3-inch wedge soles.

Colors include: black, new black, new taupe, tan, grey, gold, and red, for every day, everywhere wear at a price you can’t afford to miss out on.

Note: according to the reviews they run a little big; therefore, you might want to consider choosing a size smaller than what you normally wear.

3. TOP Moda Peter-30 Fashion Sneakers

I actually shrieked seeing these white zipper shoes since nothing says class and style like they do. These are synthetic shoes with platform soles that measure approximately .50-inches.

They offer comfort and support and couldn’t be more stylish. Other colors to choose from, are beige and black. You can wear these shoes to the ball and I bet you would get compliments all night on them and if you feel like dancing all night, these shoes are your best choice.

2. TOPUNDER Wedged Platform Zipper Sneakers

These slip-on shoes caught my eye soon as the page loaded among dozens of shoes. Topunder fashion casuals function as soft, breathable, lightweight, shoes in the style of ankle boots.

Moreover, these canvas shoes are imported with 3.5-cm waterproof platform rubber soles at a price that will make you rub your eyes twice. Made to tone, strengthen, and improve posture, reduce stress on joints, and massage your feet as you walk.

They are stylish, sturdy, and come in red or black, making them suitable for parties, leisure, entertainment, outside fun, and more.

1. Forever Adriana 12 Quilted High Top Lace up Wedge White Sneaker

Forever Adriana sure knows how to get a girl to glare. These are my number one pick and I even got myself a pair; I just couldn’t pass them up at such a low price, since not only do they look stylish and comfortable, but they also look cozy as well.

They are synthetic made, lace-ups, with a side zipper and 4-inch wedge heels.

So what do you think? Do you like the list? What did I leave out? Let me know in the comments below and before you go check out our selection of stylish sneakers in the shop.

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