6 of My Favorite Rihanna Fenty PUMA Shoes

In 2014, PUMA began a major rebranding project and needed a new face to embody the “new sport with attitude” directive. Although they had many names being thrown at them, according to PUMA’s global director Adam Petrick, none of them made any sense until their search was expanded to the entertainment industry and it became clear that Rihanna was a perfect match.

Rihanna made a lot of sense as the Grammy Award-winning singer, she is a Fashionista who designs her own style of clothing, and although sometimes controversial at times most fans love her daring styles. The announcement was made in December 2014, of Rihanna teaming up with The German Firm known as “PUMA” and since then the wowed celebrity has made a lot of meaningful impacts on the brands’ success.

In fact, the star has brought so much to the brand that in September of 2015, her shoes called “the Creeper” which is a spinoff of the PUMA Basket silhouettes mixed in with a midsole designed by Rihanna, sold out in just 3 hours of making them available to the public.

By 2016 PUMA’s sales were up by 16.4 percent and the creepers have seen so much success that they went on to win the shoe of the year award from Footwear News Achievement Awards — which made Rihanna the very first female sneaker designer to receive this award.

The star-studded singer now has three brands Fenty Beauty, Fenty PUMA, and a lingerie line she calls Savage x Fenty. The Fenty comes from her real name which is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Fenty PUMA by Rihanna launched at the beginning of 2016, and not only included the Fenty PUMA Creeper, but also more select styles such as the furry slides that went over big during the Spring/summer of 2016.

Women of color are finally being catered to rather than their needs being ignored as they previously were. While they only had a few skin tone shades made available to them to choose from in the past, now they have many as Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty foundations come in a huge variety of 40 different shades to meet the high demand of women with darker skin tones.

While I can’t promise that they will be available as they sell out so fast, I would like to show you 6 of my favorite Rihanna Fenty PUMA shoes.

1. Fenty Women’s Trainer Mid Geo

Break all the rules and get away with it while wearing these fully knitted sock constructed PUMAs. These mid-cut trainers are easy to wear, to put on, and to take off. The ignite foam midsoles provide extra support, they are complete with rubber outsoles, a fully integrated knitted sock upper, and are finished with traditional lace-ups for a snug fit. Moreover, the PUMA cat logo is on the heels.

2. Fenty Women’s the Trainer High

These shoes take a whole new approach to the way shoes are shaped and they arrived just in time for the summer. The unique look of these new trainers goes beyond the usual gym workout shoes and take working out fashion and functionality to a whole new level. These shoes also have a unique rubberized Tpu strap, the collar is sleek making them easy to get on and take off, and it contains ignite lightweight foam midsoles for extra comfort that is guaranteed. Not to mention the upper contains full premiere leather.

3. Fenty PUMA Women’s Sneaker Boot Wedge

Serve up some wicked attitude with this mix of feminine and masculine combination from Rihanna’s PUMA Fenty creative collection. The Silhouette of these sneaker boot wedges is equipped with an exaggerated tongue, rugged lace-up closures, and classic PUMA branding. It has a rubber wedge heel, polished leather upper, and chain buckles detailed laces for the woman in you that brings out the men.

4. Fenty PUMA AVID WNS Sneakers

Ready to be schooled? Avid WNS is another unique shoe from Rihanna’s Fenty PUMA collection that can be worn with almost anything. Models have walked the runways wearing these faux leather, techno fabric shoes that contain the PUMA logo. They are flat with a multicolored pattern, elasticized gores, a round toe line, rubber soles, and fabric inner.

5. Fenty PUMA Sneakers

Fenty PUMA by Rihanna Beige Satin Sneakers takes excellence to a higher level. Save the attitude for the runway where you will dominate wearing these. These sneakers have a multicolor pattern, are made with textile satin fibers, inner fabric, a round toe line, and rubber cleated soles. Platform height is 2.15 inches, and the heel height is 2.34 inches. Wearing these is feminine done to perfection.

6. Fenty PUMA Mules

Try these on for size; Fenty PUMA by Rihanna Mules serve a different purpose in value and physique. Don’t hold back, bring it on with a flat heel that carries the PUMA logo. These bright yellow boots like shoes have a varnished effect, a narrow toe line, a rubber sole, and leather lining. They also have 4.49-inch wedge acrylic heels, contain the logo, and are made in Italy with creativity and high-quality soft leather. In addition, Mules contain non-textile of animal origin parts.

So there you have it, my top 6 Fenty by Rihanna shoes! This list is far from comprehensive, there is just so many great styles to chose from her awesome collection. Do you have a favorite pair of Fenty shoes, what shoe would you included on this list. You know the deal, leave your feedback in the comments.

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