5 Sexy Black Shoes you can Rock in Style this Summer

We can probably all agree that summer is the time for bright shoes. What would summer be without a colorful sandal, a perfectly white sneaker, or a jeweled pastel peep-toe at a wedding? But I must say, I also believe that there’s no wrong season for a sexy black shoe.

Black shoes are always a staple in my wardrobe. They’re a neutral color, which means they go with everything. Even rules that were once hard and fast (no black shoes with brown pants, for example) are starting to flex and bend to accommodate the range of sexy black shoes that today’s designers offer. There’s a black shoe for every occasion, too. Whether you’re at a formal event or a family hangout, you can feel confident in one of the following picks.

This Reno sandal by Steve Madden is a great pick for a date night. The ankle strap and open toe add a little sex appeal to a standard matte sandal. I like to wear a shoe like this with a dress. I love to combine naughty with nice. One of my favorite looks is a babydoll dress in a bright color with a shoe like this. Or of course, a sexy bodycon dress that really shows off my booty! Because this sandal is a neutral color, you could even wear it with a long, formal dress at special occasions like wedding receptions.

A black shoe can be a must for casual situations, no matter what season it is. Y’all, I like to look good, but for a family cookout with kids running around? I’m sticking with a comfy shoe that’s fairly easy to clean. I don’t wear fine Italian leather when I’m grilling, because I know all too well that anything can happen then. And I don’t wear white around food, because white stains. While this logo strap sneaker by Miu Miu is available in several colors, black glitter is my favorite. It marries the go-anywhere utility of a black sneaker with just the right amount of sparkle. I wear this shoe to my boy’s Little League games, fireworks at the park and all kinds of other casual, family-friendly events.

My next pick may seem a little off the wall to you, but hear me out, will you? I love a Dr. Martens boot in black. To me, it is sexy. I think only a real badass lady can carry off what’s essentially a combat boot. When I started interning at a fashion magazine right after college, one of our editors was so inspired by those 90s girls in their Doc Martens, little skater dresses and chokers. They showed us how you can use a piece of menswear, or men’s footwear, to make the rest of an outfit look super feminine. Now, obviously, this isn’t an everyday look. And it is a look that favors the young. But, girl? All I ask you to accept is that it is a look, and one that can make you look more dainty and ladylike than a typically feminine shoe. If you’re going to some festival? You may as well wear something that can stand up to all that mud and dust.

If you’ve been reading my work for any time at all, you know how much I love a gladiator sandal. This Buckled Gladiator from J. Crew is a great sexy look for summer. The oval gold tone buckles are delicate and feminine. I love to wear a shoe like this with my skinny capri jeans and even my short shorts. This is a great look for a weekend away with your man. I remember strolling on the waterfront in Montreal in a similar shoe. That was an amazing day. And I was glad to be wearing a flat on those cobblestones!

We all know a girl’s gotta work if she wants to get anywhere in this life. Most of us work somewhere that puts restrictions on how much Look we can indulge in. Many companies want people in closed-toe shoes only. Some specify that shoes should be comfortable, because you may have to be on your feet. And many jobs, from apprentice hairdresser to stagehand, simply prescribe black footwear. I say that just because you’re at work, and just because there’s a dress code, it doesn’t mean you can’t look cute. Now you might be a trainee hairdresser, a barista or a retail manager. You’re running around that store eight or ten hours a day. For you, I love this classic, all-black Air Force 1 by Nike. This is a timeless shoe that says, I may have to wear a uniform, but dang it, I got taste!

Which of these sassy black shoes suits you the best? Let me know below!

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