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2018: The Year of Statement Making Heels


Here’s the deal, as a strong, independent women, I love making a statement. 2018 has seemed like MY year. Why you ask? Well the heels this year have matched my personality flawlessly and well, I am IN LOVE with it! 2018 has been a year of vibrant colors, bold heels and endless head turning shoe designs. I have invested a small fortune in heels this year, simply so I could make a statement.

sexy statement heels

I love the bold, I love the proud and I love the statement of ‘I love myself’. So, Why has this year been so vibrant and bold? I would assume it is the idea of current events. With women empowering themselves through movements to prevent sexual assaults, harassment, equality and of course the acceptance of all body types, we have found a way to express our bold and strong personalities in your fashion accessories we wear as well.

There are so many heels that have struck my fancy this year. I have taken pride in giving them a new home in my closet. Let’s take a look at some of the boldest and statement making heels as of now, in 2018.

Aquazzura Sundance Striped Leather Platform Sandals

Wow! These heels are perfection. The stripped color and the block heel really make these heels pop. The best thing about these heels is that they make your legs look ultra long! If you are on the shorter side, these heels can provide you with the height you desire. It is all about that optical illusion.

Declan Heel from Shelly London

These shoes are wild! I love them. For those of us who want to feel like a rock star, these heels satisfy the urge. These heels make me feel like I am right out of Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ music video! These heels are affordable, bold and make the statement of being a strong woman.

Houston Gloria Tapestry Embroidered Heels

2018 has seen its share of block heels. These however stand out against all other block heel shoes. These heels go perfect with everything, perfect with jeans or perfect with your best club dress. What I love the most about these heels is the embroidered pattern. The perfect blend of black, blue, red and yellow of the flower pattern gives the perfect vibrant, bold statement for all occasions. These heels are incredibly comfortable and affordable as well!

Olidah Heels by Kate Spade

Kate Spade will forever live in the fashion world. Her heels are flawless. With all of the block heels available in 2018, it is worth noting that the skinny heel still remains strong. These shoes are perfect for anniversaries, dates and of course Valentine’s day. The heart shaped ankle strap gives that perfect addition to let your ankles stand out. Sometimes shoes are made to show off legs, other times the ankle needs a little love as well. These heels let your ankles get the attention they deserve! Rock these with the perfect little black dress for your night out on the town!

Avery Velvet Pumps by J.Crew

Oh! Will our love of bows every cease? I doubt it. Bows are making a comeback. As women, we have rocked bows since our days in diapers and now as adults, they are here to stay. These heels are perfect for a day at the office, wedding or casual get together. With all the talk of tall, block heels, it is great to see a comfortable low heel that looks so elegant. These powder pink heels allow you to radiate class. I love these heels because of the pink velvet material matched with the black ribbon. These heels are perfect for those who need a break from the strain of tall heels.

With 2018 being a year of statements, it has been great to see the options of bold shoes. Women deserve to wear what they want, to feel how they want, and to be in control of their selves, and their own decisions. Fashion has a way of working itself into every aspect of our lives. The ability of the shoes we wear to show how we feel is everlasting.

With 2018 being a year for women, remember to embrace what you want, buy what you want and wear what you want. Enjoy the shoes of 2018 and wear them with confidence, pride, and without doubt. Make the statement you want by vocalizing your opinion and of course rocking those perfect bold heels!

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