11 Must Have Comfortable, Cute, and Sexy Bedroom Slippers

Ladies, tell me I’m not alone. I love to wear high heels but need to let my feet rest from time to time.

Blisters, arch pain, bunions, and more can make it hard to feel sexy in strappy summer heels. My grandmother’s secret weapon was bedroom slippers.

My closet is full of sexy high heels but I also have a good selection of cute bedroom slippers. Nothing compares to a comfy and cozy pair of cute slippers.

But, I never skimp on sexy shoe style. I scoured some of my favorite shops to curate a list of luxurious bedroom slippers that deliver a huge dose of sexy shoe style. Check out a few of my favorites.

Classic and Comfy Bedroom Slippers

These bedroom slippers embody the characteristics of a traditional slipper. While these may resemble my grandmother’s slippers, they have a modern update. Keeping a pair of these in your shoe wardrobe will help soothe your feet after a long day in high heels.

1. Cozy Knit Genuine Shearling Slipper by UGG

Ugg is practically a synonym for comfort. These darling knit clog style slippers deliver warmth while soothing aching feet.

2. Solvejk Azalea Slipper

Haflinger is another designer worth noting. They are renowned for their boiled wool slippers that ooze cuteness and comfort. This pair features charming azalea appliqués.

3. Lily Pulitzer Shoreline Plush Slipper

The bright patterns in this classic knotted slipper add a punch of flirtatiousness and a heavy helping of comfort. Add these slippers to brighten any boring robe or wear with a sundress on the patio.

4. Dearfoams Womens Corie Clog

Faux Sherpa lining, memory foam insole, and a hard-sole to add support are the three ingredients that make this classic clog slipper a bedroom staple.

Fluffy and Flirty Bedroom Slippers

Much like curling up in a plush robe, slipping into a pair of fluffy slippers delivers a dose of peacefulness. Fluffy and flirty sleepwear will automatically help calming the mind and result in better, more restful sleep. Check out a few fun and fashionable pairs of bedroom slippers that feature a soft and fluffy design.

5. Fluffy Design Open Toe Flat Shoes

For the ladies that cringe at the thought of wearing frumpy bedroom slippers, this pair is for you. The hard-sole upgrades this slipper to sandal quality while the fluffy, white double bands of fluff add comfort. Pair with any robe or pajama combination.

6. Fluff Yeah Genuine Shearling Slipper

For me, the big feature of this pair of bedroom slippers is the elastic ankle strap. These Ugg slippers will keep you comfortable and stylish. And there are four colors to choose from! Fluff yeah!

7. Fluff III Flip Flop Slipper

True to Ugg fashion, these fluffy flip flop style bedroom slippers A memory foam insole with flexible hard-sole aid in support and comfort. It’s almost like a home spa experience.

8. Cute Marabou Sandals “Amour 03”

Flirty, flirty, flirty. I couldn’t possible post about sexy bedroom slippers without including a pair of marabou slippers. This cute pair has a sexy three-inch heel and comes in four colors.

Luxury Spa Style Bedroom Slippers

These spa inspired slippers are plush and perfect for post-pedicure. The thong style that is so popular in spa bedroom slippers lets your feet breath. After being cooped up in closed toe shoes all winter long, give your feet a treat with a pair of these spa slippers.

9. ‘Waffle’ Spa Slipper

These spa style flip flop slippers are anything but basic. The plush terry soothes aching feet. The flexible sole make them ideal for indoor or outdoor wear. Choose from one of five relaxing colors.

10. Muk Luks Women’s Darlene Micro-Chenille Thong Slippers

These chenille thong bedroom slippers are for indoor use only. These Muk Luks ooze coziness and comfort with a sassy embroidered design. You will look forward to slipping on .

11. Circus by Sam Edelman Jilly Embroidered Plush Slippers

Plush and padded, these cute slip-on bedroom slippers are a dream come true for aching feet. The Circus line of bedroom slippers are available in an array of clever slogans.

If you are looking for a more stylish bedroom slippers, be sure to check back here soon. I found a special selection of glamorous bedroom slippers that I’ll be posting about soon.

I have to dedicate a unique post to the sexy and sultry bedroom slipper collection.

Sneak peak: bedroom slippers with embellishments, bejeweled, and feathery pompoms that ooze old Hollywood glamour.

Until then, let me know about your favorite bedroom slippers, what brands do you wear, and before you go don’t forget to check out our sexy shoe shop.

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