10 Types of Women’s Shoes that You Should Own

Most women love shoe shopping

It is exhilarating to try on that new pair of shoes, especially if it is a new design. Unfortunately, most women end up returning the new shoes or storing them away. Shoe shopping is tough, especially when you are not sure what outfit should go with the shoes.

What style of footwear should you buy? What outfits should you wear them with? Most women face this dilemma countless times. So, in this article we seek to tackle some of these questions to help you discover some of the best shoe designs available for you.

First lets look at a few factors to consider when purchasing different types of women’s shoes


Before you make your purchase, you ought to consider the height of the heel. The length of the heel may change your walking style. If you are not comfortable with high heels, go for mid-size heels or flat shoes.

Leg shape and height

A good pair of shoes will compliment your beautiful legs. By choosing the wrong shoe, you may miss the opportunity to showcase your legs and feet. If you have short legs, opt for heeled

footwear or low shoes that reach the top of your ankle. If you have long legs, go for knee-high to mid-calf shoes. This rule applies to shoes like gladiators and boots.


As much as you want to look gorgeous, you must put your comfort first. Check if the shoes fit perfectly. Make sure the shoes are not too small or too large. Also, check on the cushioning. Padded shoes guard your feet from strain.

In the guide below, we look at different types of women’s shoes. I hope my list will help you discover what shoes are best to wear on a particular occasion or with specific outfits.

1. Pumps

Pumps are the definitive shoes in a woman’s world. Pumps also referred to as court shoes, come in a variety of shades, but the most common colors are black, brown, and beige. These shoes can be worn with many outfits. If you are not sure which shade to buy, go for the classic black pumps. This shoe is ideal for work, parties, church or even dates.

2. Wedges

Wedges are designed for women who do not like balancing their bodies on 6-inch shoes. Wedges are created from one material that serves as both the heel and sole. This offers you more support and stability than sharp heels do. Different designs of wedges include ankle strap wedges, lace wedges, zip booties wedge shoes, and preppy style wedges. I recommend you wear your wedges with sporty dresses, maxi dresses, shorts, and jeans.

3. Boots

Boots or booties are ideal for all seasons. Over the years designers have come up with stylish boots that are ideal for different occasions. So what are the types of boots you need to have? Stacked booties, ankle boots, Chelsea boots, calf boots, and dressy boots. You can pair your boots with your favorite skinny jeans, leggings, or a tight dress. Do not wear your boots with clothes that hide the top of the boots.

4. Loafers

Loafers are classic, timeless shoes that are inspired by men’s footwear designs. These shoes have elastics sides that allow your feet to fit perfectly without the need for laces. We recommend you wear your loafers during summer and spring months. To look chic, go for plain colors with classic detailing.  A great alternative to loafers is the Oxford shoes.

5. Sneakers

Now, these shoes are a must-have. Every woman, especially moms, needs these shoes. Sneakers are more comfortable than heeled shoes. Sneakers come in a plethora of styles including platform, tennis, embellished, and slip-on. This footwear is best paired with a pantsuit, short dress or skirt, and skinny jeans. Do not wear sneakers with long dresses.

6. Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals have been around since the Roman Empire. These shoes are comfortable, versatile, and come in a multitude of versions. So, how do you wear gladiator sandals fashionably? If your legs are short, it is best to stick to gladiators with simple designs. Go for ankle strap gladiators with thin straps that allow you to show off your skin. Also, pick shoes that match your skin tone. If you have tall legs, I recommend you go knee-high and mid-calf gladiators.

7. Ballerina Flats

Is your goal to be more comfortable and still look stylish? Then put on your ballet shoes. Doll shoes or ballerinas are inspired by ballet shoes. These shoes have thin heels, making the shoes to appear as if they don’t have soles. Ballet shoes on the market include doll shoes with ruffles, sloop ballet flats, and ballet footwear with bows. I recommend you wear this shoe with leggings, skinny jeans, formal trousers, and summer dresses.

8. High-heel Sandals

High heel sandals are elegant and stylish. These shoes are designed to show-off your feminine side. The heels on the sandals vary in length.  Most sandals are comfortable due to their padded footbed. They also come with ankle straps to allow you to secure your feet. These casual shoes are best paired with jeans or dresses. This shoe is ideal for parties, cook-outs or picnics.

9. Mules Sandals

If you don’t fancy flip flops, then consider mules. These shoes are perfect for summer and will help you look relaxed and gorgeous. This type of sandal does not have laces, buckles, or straps; all you need to do is slip into them and be on your merry way. Depending on your outfit, you can go for darker shades or bright colors.

10. Stilettos

Most women have termed these shoes as elegant, sexy, and just fantastic. There should be a movie about them already? Right?  Stilettos are characterized by a long thin heel. Fashion icons, like Kim Kardashian, have been known to prefer stilettos over other shoe styles. You can pair this shoe with party wear or formal wear.

However, despite the style they add, these shoes have been known to lead to back pain. To prevent hurt, make sure to practice your walk in the shoes before going out. Adding insoles can also help prevent pain.

Every woman needs a few pair of shoes. Getting a new pair maybe daunting but the guide above will help you figure out the perfect pair that will go with that perfect outfit.

Hope you enjoyed my list. Let me know what you think below. Tell us what your favorite shoe is and why. And, if you are currently looking for your next shoe, be sure to visit our sexy shoe shop.


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