10 Sexy High Heeled Boots for a First Date

High heeled boots are too bold a choice for a first date.

This is a protest that’s been heard since the dawn of time. But girl, here’s the thing. If you love high heeled boots, you should be able to wear them anywhere. If you have to dress down to impress your date, they’re not worth dating in the first place. You shouldn’t have to squish yourself into a box to make your partner happy. And hey, if your partner turns out to be into your footwear, all the better! So without further ado, here’s the top 10 fabulous and sexy high heeled boots for your first date.

Anabella Heeled Boot

This gorgeous pair of boots is made from micro material fabric, with a total heel height of 3.5 inches. With a sexy zipper up the side and flared tops, these boots are perfect for attracting the attention of your date. The wedge-style heels pack a visual punch, and the fabric is comfy and easy to breathe in.

Yael Heeled Boot

These gorgeous high heeled boots come in three different colors: black, olive, and burgundy. The burgundy is absolutely stunning, perfect to pair with a neutral toned outfit. Meanwhile, the olive and black are great accessories to finish off a colorful outfit. The spiked heel and sleek fit make these over-the-knee boots a sexy choice for any first date.

Mai Heeled Boot

Unlike the first two pairs of boots, these boots go to just below the knee, making them ideal if thigh-high isn’t quite your style. They’re also available in both a regular and wide calf size, so if you tend to have trouble fitting boots, don’t worry! The platform wedges are great for people who have trouble balancing on spike heels, and the buckled straps are absolutely to die for.

Ausia Heeled Boot

These boots are absolutely breathtaking. Available in whiskey, denim, and black colors, you’ll be able to find a look that fits any outfit. They lace to just below the knee, and the open toe and patterned holes will give your date a sexy peek at your calves and feet. The stunning lace just adds to the overall picture.

Siena Heeled Boot

These funky boots are great because of their versatility. The fabric is meant to wrinkle, giving you a multi-layered visual appeal with your footwear. They also pack a sexy punch without being overwhelming. Another option available in both regular and wide calf, they can fit a wide variety of leg shapes. They also have two available colors: camel and dark taupe.

Catwalk Strut Black Suede Boots

These beautiful black boots lace to just over the knees. They’re made from vegan suede rather than microfiber, which means that they have an exceptionally sleek and put-together look. They mold to fit the shape of your legs, and they’ll match any outfit — guaranteed to take a first date’s breath away!

Bartlett Nubuck Peep-Toe Ankle Booties

Don’t worry — for people who aren’t a fan of tall boots, there’s plenty of ankle-high options! Take these peep-toe booties, for instance. The wedge heels are easy to walk in, and they offer a sexy peek of your heel and toes. The metal zipper on the side adds a little “oomph” to the aesthetic.

Annelise Camel Suede Ankle Booties

Another vegan suede option, these gorgeous camel booties are perfect for chilly weather — or for any first date! The gold zipper at the instep helps add some shimmer and light to the look. Pair these boots with a black dress or short-shorts for maximum impact.

Novalie Black Pointed Ankle Booties

Vegan leather is the material of choice for these sleek and shiny boots. They’re perfect for a more casual look — pair them with jeans or denim shorts for maximum impact. The perfect sexy shoe for someone with a laid-back, relaxed aesthetic!

Finn White Leather Pointed Toe Ankle Booties

The differentiating colors here make these shoes a striking fashion piece. Pair them with any outfit for a “wow” factor. They’re especially effective when you wear them with a black-and-white outfit or matching accessories!

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